Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations

The Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations (AFMO) research group brings together researchers to investigate four key topics: social and environmental innovations / alternative forms of organizations / the crafting of organizations / the production and consumption of management knowledge.

Our team members create knowledge and share expertise by conducting research on pioneering markets and organizations to understand their management and business models as well as identify the historical roots behind such evolutions and their potential for creating social change.

The group 

Jaumier Stéphane, Leader

Permanent Faculty
Al-Amoudi Ismael
Alshareef Salam
Ansart Sandrine
Barros Marcos
Bobulescu Roxana
Chabbi Mourad
Daudigeos Thibault
Duymedjian Raffi
Gauthier Caroline
Gleason Ted
Grandazzi Albane
Griot Laurent
Le Breton Claire
Lindebaum Dirk
Monvoisin Virginie
Moulin Francoise
O Sullivan Patrick
Ottaviani Fiona
Patel Taran
Picard Hélène
Steiler Dominique

Jourdain Vincent
Opizzi Matteo

PhD Students
Bertrand Aristide
Coradini de Freitas Nilo
Dieler Clemens
Ranville Adélie
Reineke Jan-Philipp
Vindevoghel Vincent
Wu Min

Updated 3/25/2024