Strategy, Innovation and Society

The Strategy, Innovation and Society (SIS) research group focuses on strategy research. Team members are specialists in studying business modelling, dynamics of collective cognition, inter-organizational relations, and the connections between technology and strategy.

Research conducted in the team has addressed a wide range of industries including digital economy, health, telecommunication, as well as the domain of science and technology. In addition to developing its academic contributions, the team collaborated with practitioners and policymakers to accompany the evolution of organizations.


The group

Mei Maggie-Qiuzhu, Leader

Permanent Faculty

Amir-Aslani Arsia
Catherine David
Colombero Sylvain
Fink  Matthias
Genet Corine
Gillier Thomas
Rose Janna
Rüling Charles-Clemens
Sabatier Valerie
Stadtler Lea
Zakaryan Arusyak

PhD Students
Somasundaram Karthikeyan Renuka Devi

Updated 3/25/2024