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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI) research group members work on several topics around two main research domains:


  • How dyadic relationships as much as the structural effects of social networks influence individual performance, job satisfaction or even company performance.
  • How entrepreneurs develop their networks to increase their credibility and how this aspect is linked to the acquisition of the necessary resources for the realization of their projects.
  • The impact of inter-organizational relationships on the behaviour and performance of companies.
  • Female entrepreneurship
  • Emotional and cognitive micro-foundations of entrepreneurial behaviour
  • Drivers and outcomes of entrepreneurial health and wellness
  • Social and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • The effect of networks of strategic alliances on the international expansion strategies of companies and the creation of value from national and international strategic alliances.



  • How companies encourage the creation and commercialization of innovation.
  • The role of interpersonal networks in the functioning of organizations, in particular innovative companies
  • Team collaboration and how this collaboration can improve research performance and help the diffusion of knowledge
  • Sustainable innovation, collaborative innovation, and innovation policies in triple helix governance in advanced and developing economies
  • New product development and users’ behaviour towards Internet applications.
  • The place of gender in the innovation process.


The group

Belkhouja Mustapha, Leader


Permanent Faculty
Battisti Martina
Chollet Barthelemy
Coletti Michele
Gotzsch Josiena
Iurkov Viacheslav
Le Loarne Severine
Maresch  Daniela
Michel Hélène
Yan Jie

PhD Students
Gonzalez Marcelo

Updated 3/6/2024