Finance, Innovation and Governance

The Finance, Innovation and Governance (FIG) research group brings together researchers with various expertise and transversal approaches.

Team members aim to study the various aspects of company management, financial markets and innovation. Research is focused on developing expertise in three key areas:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and climate change
  • Valuation of innovative companies
  • Impact of financial innovations and new regulations on the financial markets
  • Financial risk analysis and behavioral finance

By conducting fundamental research and collaborative efforts with working professionals, our team members create and share knowledge necessary for the advancement of businesses and society.

The group

Jaballah Jamil, Leader

Permanent Faculty
Bernard Carole
Bonnet Christophe
De Jong Marielle
Desmoulins-Lebeault François
Do Carmo Silva Jean-Michel
Dupuy Philippe
Garibal Jean-Charles
Grover David
Hess Manuel
Jubé Samuel
Kermiche Lamya
Le Nhu Tuyen
Mchawrab Safwan
Nambiar Sujesh
Poissonnier Hugues
Schnitzler Jan
Seny Kan Konan
Tang Qi
Thevenin Dominique 

PhD Students
Abou Daya Mohamad Hassan
Cardot Rébecca
Sojoudi Mahdi

Updated 3/25/2024