Research teams

Meet the nine research teams and five research chairs advancing knowledge and pioneering business research for a sustainable future.

Located at the heart of an outstanding ecosystem of innovative firms and research labs, Grenoble Ecole de Management has always been renowned for its pioneering approach to the management of technology and innovation. 

Over the years, our school has held a distinguished position at the forefront of research to drive impactful change in the business world. As we reflect on our journey, it is evident that the landscape of business and management is evolving at an unprecedented pace, marked by the pressing challenges of our time, particularly those related to digital, demographic and sustainability transitions. 

The research undertaken in our 9 research teams and 5 research chairs advance business knowledge at the intersection of Technology, Innovation and Sustainability but also empowers our stakeholders with practical solutions to thrive in a rapidly changing world. By fostering collaborations and partnerships, we aim to amplify our impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Research Teams

Strategy, Innovation and Society

The Strategy, Innovation and Society (SIS) research group focuses on strategy research. Team members are specialists in studying business modelling, dynamics of collective cognition, inter-organizational relations, and the connections between technology and strategy.

Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations

The Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations (AFMO) research group brings together researchers to investigate four key topics: social and environmental innovations / alternative forms of organizations / the crafting of organizations / the production and consumption of management knowledge.
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Organizations, Work, Identity and Careers

Members of the Organizations, Work, Identity and Careers (OWIC) research group are interested in a wide array of subjects from work and non-work life to career and cultural research.
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Consumer Behavior

The Management Consumer Behavior (MCB) research group investigates consumer decision making and behavior.
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Energy Management

The Energy Management (ENE) research group combines research on strategic management, technology innovation and energy policy in order to create and share knowledge that will help businesses and society move towards a low-carbon future.
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI) research group members work on several topics around two main research domains:

Finance, Innovation and Governance

The Finance, Innovation and Governance (FIG) research group brings together researchers with various expertise and transversal approaches.
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Marketing, Strategy and Innovation

The Strategic Marketing and Innovation (MSI) research group produces relevant and rigorous research to better understand the impact of sales, digital marketing, innovation and relationship marketing strategies on the relative performance of companies.
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Information Systems for Society

The Information Systems for Society (ISS) research group studies information systems to foster and contribute to individuals in their everyday lives.

Updated 3/26/2024