Consultation patient-médecin, le médecin appuie dans le creux de la main du patient

Chair for Public Trust in Health

Within the Chair for "Public Trust in Health”, researchers aim to better comprehend novel technological solutions, changes in patient-practitioner relationships, and the regional care and innovation ecosystems.

Developments in the Health sector, such as the arrival of new technologies, have altered the roles of various players (hospitals, industries, patients) and the the function of the sector itself. The Chair’s mission is to understand the dynamics of public trust in healthcare.  Thus, we lead and animate forums to facilitate exchanges between professionals, researchers, students and others.


Working Areas

The Chair supports the health-related research of GEM’s faculty, thus advancing the exploration of health-related issues and scientific knowledge.

Rethinking the role of patients in the healthcare system

Health democratization, home hospitalization, innovation by patients...  The place of the citizen at the heart of the health system and within the hospital is increasingly important. In partnership with various Health actors, this theme aims to better discern these developments by listening to patients and considering their expectations.

Exploring the issues between trust, technology and health

Telemedicine, health applications, and connected medical devices are all new technologies that are increasingly relied upon in Health. They raise ethical, legal and social questions related to artificial intelligence and health data access, privacy and security. The Chair promotes research that examines the degree to which patients accept these innovations, along with the trust bestowed upon them by the general public.

Developing health ecosystems

What are the new forms of regional organization for Health? How can we promote different actors to work together?  What are the changes in healthcare pathways? How can we coordinate care? What kind of networks or hubs can accelerate health innovations? The objective of this axis is to study the implementation of collaborative strategies between health actors in the area.




In 2017, the Chair for “Public Trust in Health” was created as part of the GEM Foundation, School for Business and for Society, with the support of Bristol-Myers Squibb France during the first three years.

The Chair wishes to develop the scope of its actions and expertise in partnership with public health actors, patient associations, industry professionals, research centers and local communities.



Charles-Clemens Rüling, Professor of Organizational Theory



Updated 3/26/2024