PhD in Business Administration

  • Full-time
  • 4 years to 5 years
  • Grenoble
  • English

The PhD program at Grenoble Ecole de Management aims to educate scholars who will become faculty members in leading international business schools or universities. This four to five-year, full-time program is designed to ensure that students are involved in research very early on and develop a solid publication record during their PhD studies. Our program offers a unique combination of strengths. Through a “learning by doing” approach of research and a strong training in research methods, our PhD program prepares our graduates to work at leading international business schools.

The PhD in Business Administration is a doctoral program, which is pursued by students holding Master's degree. The program's objective is for the student to develop research expertise in one of the following fields:  
​• Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations  
​• ​Consumer Behavior  
​• Energy Management  
​• Entrepreneurship and Innovation  
​• Finance, Innovation, and Governance  
​• Information Systems for Society  
​• Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation  
​​• Organizations, Work, Identity and Careers  
​• Strategy, Innovation and Society

Extensive training with a hands-on approach

We offer extensive training in up-to-date methods and theories. Formal training is supplemented by regular research seminars, in which leading experts from Grenoble Ecole de Management and other universities present and discuss their latest research results.

Our program follows a very hands-on approach. From the beginning, PhD students are part of specific research groups and start working on research projects with faculty members. At the end of their first year, they write their first papers and usually present them at leading conferences; in some cases, first-year students' works have been published in academic journals.  

International publications for a global reach

Our program focuses on publications in international journals. Doctoral theses follow the "3-paper" model. The dissertation consists of three independent but related academic papers, which are submitted to, and sometimes already published in, leading academic journals. This ensures our graduates receive the best possible preparation for their future careers in academia.  

Support for PhD research

PhD students are full members of a research team, where they interact with various faculty members in addition to their thesis supervisor. Financial support to attend conferences and doctoral seminars is also provided. Finally, students taking an experimental approach have access to a laboratory equipped with technologies enabling various forms of data collection.

Recognized faculty / Quality supervision

Our faculty members are extremely dynamic and academically successful. The quality of our work and the academic level of the faculty are highlighted by our triple accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA). Even with this recognized success, we continue to prepare for the next challenge and question how we can improve. This culture of innovation permeates not only our research but also the entire school. We are firmly focused on the quality of our program. We keep our program small to ensure that each doctoral student receives the highest quality supervision.  

Support to enroll in a “Diplôme National de Doctorat"

The PhD in Business Administration degree from Grenoble Ecole de Management is recognized internationally for high academic standards, publication rates, and its triple accreditation. Through our partnerships with French public universities, it is possible for interested PhD Candidates to register for the "Diplôme National de Doctorat" with one of our partners and receive a doctorate recognized by the French government. 

Mandalaki_Emmanouela.pngThe GEM PhD program provides a challenging and rewarding educational experience. This stimulating research environment exposes PhD students to a wealth of opportunities and provides them with the necessary support to develop their skills according to their area of specialization. Participation in research seminars, conferences and research projects as well as local and international teaching opportunities are the key factors that make this program exceptional and provide PhD candidates with the necessary skills to pursue their future career paths." 
 Prof. Emmanouela Mandalaki 

PhD alumni give a tour of GEM labs, a multipurpose, cutting-edge facility where PhD students conduct data collection.

Updated 4/3/2024