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Organizations, Work, Identity and Careers

Members of the Organizations, Work, Identity and Careers (OWIC) research group are interested in a wide array of subjects from work and non-work life to career and cultural research.

Our researchers investigate questions pertaining to individual, organizational and societal issues. Current research work includes:

  • Work-life integration,
  • Expatriation (self-initiated and corporate-sponsored),
  • Intercultural & diversity management,
  • Diversity policy & organizational integration of minorities,
  • Dual-earning couples,
  • Geographical mobility,
  • Working-time preferences,
  • Leadership, 
  • Youth labor & millennial careers.


Our research has a strong international component, incorporating comparative cross-national analyses and the analysis of work-life and career challenges for employees in multinational environments, as well as societal differences. 

The group

Antoni Anne, Leader

Permanent Faculty
Calamel Ludivine
Connolly  Heather
Fatien Pauline
Galois-Faurie Isabelle
Islam Gazi
Louis Dima
Louisgrand Nathalie
Mielly Michelle
Peticca Harris Amanda
Sanseau Pierre-Yves
Stewart Paul
Vanel Gregory

PhD Students
Bazana Sandiso
Daher Stephanie
Rodrigues de Matos Paola

Updated 3/6/2024