Economic peace

Grenoble Ecole de Management is developing a culture of economic peace through its UNESCO Chair, where students, researchers and social players co-construct knowledge, skills and methodologies to invent tomorrow's economy and propose models for peaceful relations between individuals, organizations and the living world.

Economic Peace is an original concept developed by the UNESCO Chair for a Culture of Economic Peace, which today has no equivalent in academic work. Complementary to and not in competition with CSR, sustainability or regeneration, this approach has the great merit of proposing a counterpoint to "economic war" and identifying paths to peaceful relations at four levels: individual, relational, organizational and ecosystemic.

It's a concept at the heart of current affairs, at a time when internal and external conflicts are becoming more numerous and more serious all over the planet and within organizations. In the face of crises and emergencies, Economic Peace is a way of developing critical thinking and proposing new imaginaries. It restores the economy to its rightful place as a contributor to the common good. It seeks to rethink the aims of the economy (good living and sustainability), its operating rules, cooperation between players in territories and organizations, and management methods.

In the company, Economic Peace is a commitment to peace. It is not an ideal to be attained, but a course to be followed on a daily basis, at strategic and operational levels, as well as in terms of attitudes and behavior.

Updated 4/24/2024