Climate change: a zero-waste school

With a CSR policy that has been implemented for more than ten years, we’ve now expanded our efforts to include a new goal: to become the first zero-waste business school in Europe.

This ambitious goal has far-reaching implications that go beyond a simple commitment to environmental responsibility.

For the environment

  • Resources and energy: To reduce our impact in terms of wasted water, gas, electricity and other natural resources in order to support our global climate.
  • Waste products: To reduce food waste and the consumption of paper, plastic and glass; to recycle electronic devices and other consumer goods.
  • Mobility and transportation: To reduce professional trips and travel time for students and employees; to promote alternative mobility solutions, telecommuting, and e-solutions for meetings and classes.

For our society

  • Intangible waste: To question our system in terms of economics, governance and management approaches, which often use too many resources to increase the productivity of few people while incurring important costs: wasted time, talent, motivation, etc.; to create programs for philanthropy, internal training, and research on well-being, economic peace and alternative types of organizations and markets.
  • Social waste: To support a vibrant local economy; to protect good jobs and measure self-sufficiency; to reduce social insecurity and foster social integration; to consider disabilities and differences as well as help immigrants and refugees; to create synergies with the local ecosystem, the sharing economy, and social and solidarity movements.
  • Cultural waste: To encourage respect for various lifestyles and collaborative methods that may differ according to culture; to promote values such as responsibility, ethics, engagement and action; to ensure our training, research and operational actions are designed to support all of our stakeholders, and first and foremost, society.

Thanks to a global vision of responsibility and sustainability, our CSR policy acts as a beacon to guide our institution's numerous activities.

Updated 4/24/2024