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UNESCO Chair for a Culture of Economic Peace

Since its creation in 2012, the UNESCO Chair for a Culture of Economic Peace has been funded by Grenoble Ecole de Management and corporate sponsors. A unique place in Europe, an integral part of Grenoble Ecole de Management, the 1st business school with a mission, bringing together teachers, researchers, managers and executives, our Chair develops a different approach to economic thinking based on confrontation and domination.

Business performance and growth are based on cooperation; the importance of living together is paramount; the economy and business are at the service of society.

Economic Peace is a commitment to peace and the preservation of the living world. It is the essential alternative to a business model based on hyper-competition, hyper-financialization, exacerbated individualism and the single-minded pursuit of profit.

It gives the company the mission of contributing to the common good by strengthening the social fabric and playing a part in the life of the community. It puts performance and profit in their rightful place, as a means to an end.

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Our missions 

Within the UNESCO Chair for a Culture of Economic Peace, students, researchers and social players co-construct knowledge, skills and methodologies to invent tomorrow's economy and propose models for peaceful relations between individuals, organizations and the living world.

Because economics and business have rarely studied the relationship between peace and economics:

  • We develop interdisciplinary and applied research: creating knowledge, exploring the potential of economic peace. 
  • We educate and train the managers of the future: developing content and teaching methods... Influencing those involved in training. 
  • We strive to deploy territories of economic peace in France and abroad: creating synergies between all the players in a given territory to find concrete solutions to priority issues.

The Unesco Chair for a Culture of Economic Peace project is directly linked to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. However, some of them will be more particularly observed and impacted by the Chair's work. Among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, our project will have a direct bearing on the following ones (in French only).

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Updated 4/18/2024