Chair Women and Economic Renewal

FERE is a research chair hosted within the GEM Foundation thanks to corporate and individual patrons. In the world of Tech, projects led by women are much less likely to succeed, whether they are entrepreneurial projects or the application of patents. If the woman comes from a disadvantaged social background, the trajectory of her projects will be even more penalized.

Today, the FERE Chair is the scientific partner of those supporting female entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Ile de France regions with two specific focuses: Women from disadvantaged backgrounds and Women from the tech.

Its mission is threefold

  1. Produce scientific research work;
  2.  Lead a community of female entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship coaches (inclusive and tech);
  3. Produce innovative educational tools (comics on entrepreneurship and innovation, card games, learning sessions for Premières).

Research cycle 2020 – 2023

Axis 1: Learning entrepreneurial expertise by women in context


  • How to train when you are overwhelmed? Podcast learning
  • Ethnographic and longitudinal study of learning in pre-incubation and incubation programs

Educational tools

  • Serious game


  • Samuel de Champlain Program: Develop international posture and structure innovation

Axis 2: Women’s entrepreneurship in practice and in context


  • Study of the agendas of women entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship Network Study

Educational tools

  • To-Come Exhibition


  • GEM Les Premières program
  • EDLV Grenoble program

Axis 3: Fight against sexism and harassment?


  • The sexism barometer (@GEM)

Educational tools

  • BD encounter with sexism
  • Mandatory awareness raising of VSS among students at GEM
  • “Gender equality” certificate

The Team

Steering Committee

Affiliated Researchers

  • Gloria Haddad, DBA GEM Alumni 2013
  • Nyla Ansari, DBA GEM Alumni 2019
  • Stacy BrechT, DBA GEM, 2020 Cohort
  • Stéphanie Lazema Grange, DBA GEM Alumni 2020
  • Sophie Veilleux, Full Professor Laval University Quebec

Scientific committee

  • Mustapha Belkhouja, Senior Professor,
  • Guy Parmentier, Teacher-Researcher and Lecturer at Grenoble Université Alpes
  • Maggie Mei, Assistant Professor
  • Maripier Tremblay, Holder of the chair of leadership in teaching on the development of entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship

Our partners

AG2R La Mondiale
Entreprendre dans la Ville / Sport dans la Ville
Fédération Réseau Entreprendre
Les Premières AURA
Les Premières Fédération
Les Fonds du Québec / Bourse Samuel de Champlain
Oobee, espace de coworking
Préfecture de l’Isère


Updated 5/7/2024