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Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) continues to expand, following the redesign of its Masters of Management (Grande Ecole Program) and the evolution of its 4-year International Bachelor program.

Deploying a bold vision of the 'future of work', GEM anticipates tomorrow's professions with the opening of 10 new MSc programs that address future challenges: AI, management of transitions, energy policies, innovation.

40 years after its creation, the school is reaffirming its differentiation by repositioning itself on its DNA in line with its innovation ecosystem. This initiative is part of the dynamic process undertaken by GEM with a renewed COMEX, the opening of its new Paris campus, its entry into the Sésame competitive entrance exam, the redesign of its Masters of Management (Grande Ecole Program) and the evolution of its 4-year BBA.


To mark its 40th anniversary, and as part of its development strategy, GEM is expanding its academic offer

With the launch of 10 new MSc programs, completing a portfolio of 17 MSc programs taught in English. These will be available from September 2024 on the Business School's Grenoble and Paris campuses, with the special feature of opening up all specializations to Masters of Management (Grande École Program)  students in their 2nd year, an innovative initiative that will enable them to diversify their career paths.


Towards the "future of work", GEM anticipates tomorrow's professions

The opening of these new MSc programs is the result of a proactive approach aimed at offering specializations calibrated to meet current and future business challenges. 

Covering fields such as artificial intelligence, energy policy and transition management, GEM responds to companies' growing skills and recruitment requirements. The school is committed to ensuring the employability of its students through a practical approach aligned with the job market, preparing them to excel in a constantly evolving professional environment.

This forward-looking study of changes in the job market positions GEM as a catalyst for the "professions of tomorrow" as part of the "future of work" debate, which anticipates a tsunami in the world of work in 2030.


Deeply rooted in its ecosystem...

These MSc programs go beyond excellence and the acquisition of cutting-edge skills, offering students a solid integration into the GEM ecosystem, creating unique opportunities for learning and collaboration.

The evolution of these program portfolios is also differentiated by their alignment with three major dimensions of the school's DNA: sustainability, geographic positioning and technological innovation, reflecting a holistic approach to student training.


MSc programs resolutely focused on innovation and technology

The MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics, the MSc Managing with Data & Artificial Intelligence and the  MSc Design & Innovation Management  fit in perfectly with Grenoble's internationally acclaimed heritage of technological innovation.

This unique model of tripartite collaboration between industry, research and higher education has fostered the emergence of major industries in the fields of micro and nano technologies and digital technology, making Grenoble the 5th most innovative city in the world according to Forbes.

These MSc programs are therefore a natural fit with the dynamics of the metropolis, offering students a unique opportunity to train at the heart of a unique technological ecosystem.


MSc courses to specialize in energy and climate change

In addition, the MSc Energy Business & Climate Strategy, the MSc Management for Sustainability Transitions and the MSc Sustainable Financial Management are in line with Grenoble's historic energy policy. Grenoble is indeed a pioneer in the field of energy transition: first Climate Plan in 2005, election as European Green Capital in 2022, strong involvement of public and private players in energy innovation and technology transfer. GEM, the first school to adopt the mission-driven company status (Société à Mission), was naturally positioned to develop these MSc programs.  


An MSc in line with the school's sporting history and the new needs of the sports/mountain industry

Last but not least, the MSc Management of Sport and Outdoor Markets is totally in tune with the environment of the capital of the Alps. The region, highly sought-after for its outdoor lifestyle, is recognized as an essential hub for the sports/mountain industry.


MSc programs that are firmly rooted in the luxury sector ...

... and are reinforced and enriched by the fundamentals of a Business School: finance, management, project management, HR, etc.

The MSc Financial Markets, the MSc Accounting, Auditing and Performance Management  and the MSc International Project Management complete the range of new programs to be launched in September 2024.  

GEM's portfolio of 17 MSc programs is completed by the MSc Fashion, Design & Luxury Management, the MSc Innovation & Entrepreneurship, the MSc Finance & Investment Banking, the MSc International Human Resource Management, the MSc Management in International Business, the MSc Marketing, and the MSc International Marketing & Business Development.


... with a resolutely international outlook

portrait de Philippe Monin, GEMWith the launch of these 10 new MSc programs, GEM is aligning itself with international standards, while capitalizing on the exceptional technological and scientific expertise of the Grenoble ecosystem. Internationalization remains a key pillar of our development, with a strong commitment to welcoming students from all over the world to our Grenoble and Paris campuses, and fostering enriching diversity within our programs. 
Our MSc programs, taught almost exclusively in English, are not limited to courses; they open doors to professional opportunities through study trips, exchange semesters and international internships. Our students thus benefit from immersive experiences conducive to a successful international career. 

Philippe Monin, Academic Director of GEM. 

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