Vue du Campus GEM Paris

GEM Paris Campus

Since September 2023, GEM students have had access to the school's brand-new eco-campus, located in the Newport Pantin district on the outskirts of Paris and described as the new Brooklyn by the New York Times.


183 avenue Jean Lolive, 93500 Pantin

A campus for the ecological transition

With a total surface area of 6,000 m², this campus is composed of two 6-storey buildings.

It is:

  • Ecologically built, using bio-sourced materials, with a wood structure
  • E+C- eco-certified (Positive Energy and Carbon Reduction
  • Buildings, low CO2 emissions)
  • Biodiversity certified
  • Zero-waste
  • With a green roof terrace with a view over the canal       
    Close to public transport to favour soft mobility

The campus includes:

  • 1 auditorium with 273 seats + 5 seats PRM
  • 19 HyFlex rooms: hybrid classrooms for simultaneous in-person and distance learning
  • 1 cafeteria with 130 seats & a work café
  • 4 multi-purpose project spaces
  • 20 meeting rooms, cubicles, collaborative spaces
  • 1 wellness area
  • 1 learning centre
  • 2 video recording studios
  • Sitting - standing - lying work spaces


Everything is being done for a co-construction approach to learning

  •  The premises can be freely arranged by everyone: no classroom is fixed, all the furniture is mobile;
  • The rooms are equipped with several writing surfaces and touch screens to facilitate project-based learning, to exchange data or to send them directly to teachers;
  • Experimental spaces to physically test different environments;       
    design-thinking spaces to learn how to evolve in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world
  • Living spaces to encourage exchanges and encounters between the GEM public (students, professors, researchers, companies, etc.)



183 avenue Jean Lolive, 93500 Pantin


Updated 4/18/2024