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Skills Development Plan

The skills development plan brings together all the training initiatives defined as part of the company's personnel management policy. It enables employees to take part in training programs initiated by their employer, as opposed to those they can take on their own initiative via their personal training account.

Pro-A Scheme I Personal Training Account (CPF in French) I Pro Transition Project (PTP) I Skills Development Plan I Professionalization Contract - Work Study


Who Can Benefit?

All employees may be eligible for training under their company's skills development plan. The employee can take the initiative in requesting or proposing training under the company's training plan.


Who Pays for Training?

In principle, training under the training plan takes place during working hours. The cost of the training is borne by the company. During the training period, the employee continues to be paid and retains his or her usual social security coverage.
For more information, visit the Ministry of Labor website.

Updated 4/8/2024