Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

The Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) enables individuals to enrich their professional experience and advance their careers by obtaining a title, diploma, or certificate of professional qualification listed in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP in French).

Certifications, Diplomas, and Labels accessible through VAE


Since 2023, VAE can either aim for the acquisition of a complete certification or target the acquisition of one or more skill blocks.


An Individualized Career Path Integrating Professional Experience 

The system introduces two fundamental concepts compared to conventional curricula:

  • It enhances the value of what individuals have learned throughout their career path.
  • It emphasizes a skills-based approach.
    • It focuses on certifying these skills rather than the associated course curricula.
    • It offers individualized training, with each individual benefiting from a unique work experience (as opposed to group courses) over a period of 12 to 18 months.

Key Figures for 2023
Success rate, calculated based on the number of candidates appearing before the final certification jury (excluding dropouts): 100%.
Satisfaction rate: 5/5 (2023 survey).
Recommendation rate: 5/5 (2023 survey).


Success Rates by Title 


Advanced Master Manager in Purchasing Performance and Strategy Management: 100% Total validation


  • 1 International Manager candidate: 100% Total validation
  • 1 candidate for Information Systems and Digital Manager: 100% Total validation


  • 2 candidates for Operational Unit Manager (ROU) - Level 6: 100% Total Validation
  • 1 DESMA candidate: Grande Ecole Program - Level 7: 100% Partial Validation
  • 1 candidate for Financial Manager - Level 7: 100% Total Validation


VAE Entry Requirements 

Access to Information 

Our training consultant is available to assist you during this information phase. Contact: Armelle Bonenfant.


 Anyone, regardless of age, nationality, status, or level of training, can apply for a VAE qualification if they can demonstrate that their professional experience is directly related to the field of the targeted certification. 

Accessible to students with disabilities

Since 2023 there is no minimum duration required.


The VAE Process at Grenoble Ecole de Management 

Applications and registrations are processed continuously throughout the year. 
The Validation of Acquired Experience process at GEM involves several stages:

Schéma VAE en anglais

Application and Feasibility 

After discussing with the advisor and positioning the candidate on the target certification, the candidate fills in the application form and completes various sections. Supporting documents are attached to the application. At any time during this stage, the candidate can benefit from the advisor's assistance. 

The file is submitted to the Feasibility Commission, which convenes shortly after the application. The candidate is then invited to participate in the Feasibility Commission, comprising the VAE pedagogical manager, the program manager for the certification concerned (or their representative), the training advisor, and the VAE referent. 

The commission examines the application, questions the candidate about their motivations, and explains the issues involved in VAE. The Admissibility Commission then makes a decision, which may be:

  • Admitted
  • Accepted with reservations
  • Not admitted with reorientation 

The applicant receives a response to their eligibility within 15 days of the Feasibility Committee meeting.


If the candidate is accepted, they enter the contractualization phase:

  • Financial arrangements are made with the assistance of the training consultant.
  • Signature of a support contract (if individual commitment) or a tripartite training agreement (if company sponsorship).
  • Provision of a guide to help you draft your portfolio 2: This document provides tools to help you compile your validation file.

VAE Support 

Although support in writing the final validation file is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended. This support is provided by an expert in the certification concerned. 

Individual support lasting 24 hours is provided discontinuously throughout the validation file writing period, in the form of on-site or off-site interviews, depending on the arrangements agreed between the candidate and the support team.

Throughout the process, the candidate also benefits from administrative follow-up with the VAE referent to measure progress and address any difficulties encountered. This follow-up takes the form of phone interviews approximately every 6 weeks. The frequency of these interviews can be adapted to the candidate's needs. 

The aim is to provide dynamic, effective support.

Presentation to the VAE Validation Jury

  • When the file is ready, the candidate presents it to a validation jury.
  • The validation jury comprises the VAE pedagogical manager and the program manager for the certification concerned, plus two members representing the business world associated with the certification concerned.
  • The Jury deliberates based on an evaluation grid for the skills concerned. Following deliberation, the validation jury can take one of three decisions: 
    • Full validation of the targeted certification 
    • Non-validation of the targeted certification 
    • Partial validation of certification 

In the latter case, the jury considers that the trainee's acquired skills partly align with the expectations of the certification and enable them to partially meet the certification's objectives. The jury then awards one or more blocks of skills identified in the certification. The parts of the certification obtained are definitively acquired. In the event of partial validation, the jury identifies the missing skills and makes the necessary recommendations to obtain full certification:

  • Additional training with assessments in line with the skills to be proven (in the GEM catalog or by external organizations)
  • Professional action with synthesis work
  • Acquisition of additional experience to be presented to a new validation jury
  • On-the-job Training Action (AFEST in French)/internships or immersive missions
  • Specific professional assignments
  • Gaining experience through volunteering

Post-Jury Interview 

A post-jury discussion or interview is organized with the VAE advisor to assess the jury's findings, examine ways of continuing the process, and draw up an action plan.



  • Application fee: €150 incl. VAT non-refundable
  • €6,000 incl. VAT for full certification, including 24 hours of individual coaching by a tutor with expertise in the qualification concerned.
  • €3,000 incl. VAT without support
  • The price per skill block is available on request.
  • Regardless of the formula chosen, VAE is eligible for the Personal Training Account (CPF in French). It can also be financed by the employer's skills development plan, by your skills operators (OPCO in French) via your employer, by VAE leave, by assistance from France Travail, or from your own funds.
  • In the event of partial validation, additional costs are required to obtain full validation: training costs (GEM or other organizations), the cost of additional support (not compulsory), and a new validation jury.

Professional certifications

All Grenoble Ecole de Management diplomas and level 6 and 7 qualifications listed in the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP in French) are accessible by VAE.

All certifications accessible by VAE


If you would like to apply for VAE, please contact Armelle Bonenfant.

She will send you the application form to fill in after an interview to check that your profile is suitable for the VAE process.

The new Job Market law voted in December 2022 will change the system for validating acquired experience.
This page will be updated as soon as the implementing decrees are known.


Updated 5/6/2024