Certification Optimize customer relations

  • Part-time
  • Grenoble or Paris
  • French

From customer culture to profitability! Become an expert in customer relations, contribute to the ROI of your actions through a distinctive customer experience.

As a manager in a service company, you want to develop your managerial skills (hierarchical or cross-functional) with teams dedicated to customer service. In a highly competitive market, with ever-increasing loyalty issues, customer relationship management is becoming a key factor in overall company performance. The "Optimize Customer Relations" certificate enables you to acquire the attitudes, skills, and tools needed to develop a customer culture in your company. This training course is built around numerous case studies and practical exercises and includes individualized support (individual project tutoring). You'll be able to put what you've learned into practice quickly.


Why take this program? 5 key points

  1. Share the fundamentals of a true customer culture to make customer relationship policies more profitable. 
  2. Understand how and why customer relations strategies impact customer capital and profitability. 
  3. Adopt a strategy for identifying, acquiring, and retaining the best customers, in line with corporate culture and genuine customer orientation. 
  4. Implement a differentiating customer experience and identify the best actions and practices while maximizing their effectiveness. 
  5. Deal with complex customer relations issues by identifying possible actions to address them. 

This program is offered on an in-company basis.

Diplomas and accreditations

Updated 5/21/2024