Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games: 26 GEM students and 8 graduates pre-selected.

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These high-level athletes have been pre-selected to represent their country at the upcoming edition of the world's largest competition. This remarkable achievement reflects the commitment and dedication of these young athletes, as well as the ongoing support from Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM).

GEM student-athletes have the unique opportunity to reconcile their passion for high-level sports with their higher education. Through a tailor-made support program, they benefit from pedagogical and logistical support that allows them to pursue their studies while preparing for the most prestigious sporting event in the world.

For over 15 years, GEM has positioned itself as a leader in supporting high-level athletes, offering specific accommodations and flexibility tailored to their school schedules. These 34 student-athletes excel both academically and athletically.

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From the classroom to the Olympic podium...

Fully remote courses, combined with adapted pedagogy and flexible training methods, are designed in close collaboration with athletes' sports structures (clubs, federations, teams, staff...). Our high-level athletes thus benefit from a stimulating and excellent environment. Personalized support helps them achieve their academic goals while fully living their sports careers.
Agnès Angelier, Head of the Institute of Sport and Management.

To help them achieve their dual project of sport/studies, the programs are adapted in terms of duration and modalities. The study paths offered to them are accessible from post-baccalaureate to 5 years of higher education and are all validated by a state-recognized diploma.

GEM was the most represented business school at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, with the participation of 12 high-level athletes, accounting for 23.5% of athletes from Grandes Écoles and three medalists on the podium.




Furthermore, GEM doesn't overlook the importance of professional retraining for high-level athletes. Through dedicated programs and a network of privileged partners, the school supports its high-level student-athletes in transitioning to a successful professional career after their sports careers. Since its establishment in 2007, the GEM Institute of Sport & Management has been committed to providing tailored training solutions for high-level athletes, accompanying them during their sports careers and facilitating successful transitions into areas of excellence, thus aligning with a comprehensive support approach. To date, 300 alumni have benefited from the expertise of the Institute of Sport and Management, transitioning into careers in finance, marketing, human resources, communication, and even entrepreneurship. 

Their teachers unanimously praise their dedication, open-mindedness, curiosity, and eagerness to learn. Their qualities, such as rigor, organization, and maturity, make them highly sought-after profiles by employers.


We are particularly pleased to support these athletes towards the Olympic Games, in the same year that GEM celebrates its 40th anniversary! We are convinced that the participation of our students in the Olympic Games will be a source of inspiration for the entire GEM academic community, and we extend our sincere congratulations to them for this exceptional challenge. 
Fouziya Bouzerda, CEO of GEM



Our programs for high-level athletes

  • Bachelor in Digital & Business Development for High-Level Athletes 
    Integrate our Bachelor after your Baccalaureate, 1 or 2 years of higher education in 100% distance learning. Earn a Bachelor diploma and become a customer relationship manager or digital marketing manager, or continue your studies in a master's program.
  • Master in Management for High-Level Athletes (Grande Ecole Program)
    After a preparatory class or with a level of 2/3/4 years of higher education (BUT, License, BTS, Bachelor, Master 1...). This Master allows you to master all the fundamentals of business and management, and then specialize in the field of your choice: finance, consulting, marketing, auditing, commerce, innovation, digital, CSR, sports, events...

Athletes who will represent GEM in a variety of disciplines include athletics, rowing, basketball, beach volleyball, canoeing, cycling, climbing, handball, judo, swimming, pentathlon, rugby, taekwondo, and shooting.


On the road to Paris 2024...

Among them are the following high-level athletes:

  • Simon Boypa (French Athletics Team)
  • Sacha Cultru (French Athletics Team)
  • Victor Coroller (French Athletics Team)
  • Fabien Palcau (Athletics)
  • Emma Cornelis (French Rowing Team)
  • Violaine Aernoudts (French Rowing Team)
  • Maya Cornut (French Rowing Team)
  • Emma Lunatti (French Rowing Team)
  • Baptiste Savaete (French Rowing Team)
  • Armand Pfister (French Rowing Team)
  • Nicolas Lang (French Basketball Team)
  • Lézana Placette (French Beach Volleyball Team)
  • Arthur Canet (French Beach Volleyball Team)
  • Calvin Aye (French Beach Volleyball Team)
  • Valentine Fortin (French Cycling Team)
  • Capucine Viglione (French Climbing Team)
  • Coralie Lassource (French Handball Team)
  • Enzo Tesic (French Swimming Team)
  • Ugo Fleurot (French Pentathlon Team)
  • Joachim Trouabal (French Rugby 7s Team)
  • Ismaël Bouzid-Souihli (French Taekwondo Team)
  • Dimitri Dutendas (French Shooting Team)
  • Alexandre Houssein (Djibouti Judo Team)
  • Benjamin Richert (Handball)
  • Mathis Soudi (Moroccan Canoe Kayak Team)
  • Hugo Suhard (French 3x3 Basketball Team)
  • Quincy Aye (Beach Volleyball - Alumni, French National Team)
  • Victoire Andrier (Climbing - Alumni, French National Team)
  • Jonathan Laugel (Rugby 7s - Alumni, French National Team)
  • Vincent Gérard (Handball - Alumni, French National Team)
  • Thibaut Collet (Pole Vaulting - Alumni)
  • Laura Tarantola (Rowing - Alumni).

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