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International Students

Ready to embark on your academic journey? Let our International Student Integration team be your guide to preparing for an enriching experience in France. We offer valuable guides, student tips and pre-induction sessions that cover everything from administrative matters to accommodation assistance and local lifestyle insights.

Welcome to Grenoble Ecole de Management! As you embark on your French experience, our dedicated support and resources ensure a seamless transition. Preparing for this adventure, especially when navigating cultural differences, is crucial. Discover essential insights into administrative procedures to help you settle, how to embrace the local culture, manage living costs and adapt to daily life. It's all part of the foundation for your successful academic journey. Get ready to explore, learn and thrive with us. Your journey begins here.


Preparing for your arrival in France

At the Grenoble and Paris International Student Integration Service (ISI Service), our mission is to ensure your smooth transition to life in France. We provide essential information to international students arriving in both cities.

If you have enrolled in one of the following programs (BIB, MIM, MIB, MSc, MBA or an exchange program) and have confirmed your participation, our ISI Service teams in Grenoble and Paris will contact you from May onwards. They will offer guidance on organizing accommodation and navigating administrative procedures within French authorities, including insurances, immigration, transportation, daily life and more. 

For those in other programs, your admissions or program coordinator will provide direct instructions.

To ensure you receive all our updates and important information from the ISI Service starting in May, please add contact@powow.grenoble-em.com to your email contacts and check your inbox, including the spam folder, for our upcoming newsletters. In the meantime, do not hesitate to explore our guides to get ready. 


Explore our guides 

Your comprehensive road map for a seamless transition before your arrival. These “Before your arrival guides” provide essential support for your pre-departure administrative steps, covering everything from visas to accommodation. They are designed to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible. Start planning with our guides:

Grenoble     Paris

Get a quick overview of how to get ready for your departure.


Accommodation assistance 

We provide assistance with finding accommodation in Grenoble and Paris through our housing platform managed by Studapart. Learn more on our housing page.


Pre-induction orientation: Where your French adventure begins 

Before your official induction, the ISI Service offers exclusive Welcome Sessions for the September Intake in late August. These sessions offer a thorough overview of crucial steps in French Administration upon your arrival and help you become familiarized with your new surroundings. Topics include settling-in procedures, connecting with fellow students, understanding French culture and exploring your new environment. More details will be shared during the mailing campaign starting in May.

Prepare for a smooth transition by planning your departure carefully, as you'll have various administrative responsibilities to handle before your full induction. Our aim is to ensure your seamless adjustment to student life in France.


Student experience: Tips and insights 

International students first impressions at GEM.

International students share their experience after 6 months in Grenoble.

A future graduate shares his experience after 3 years at GEM.

An insight of GEM environment.

Updated 5/7/2024