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French Apprenticeship Tax

The Taxe d’apprentissage is a tax paid by French commercial companies to finance innovative learning. It is the only tax that companies can choose the beneficiary.

With a budget of 55 million euros in 2015, the Taxe d’apprentissage (Learning Tax) represents just over 4% of Grenoble Ecole de Management’s (GEM) total revenue.

The remainder of the budget is made up as follows:

  • School fees – 58%
  • Contracts with companies – 36%
  • Contribution from the CCI of Grenoble – just below 2%
  • The tax is therefore decisive for our establishment.

It enables us to finance innovative learning, and therefore ensure we are one of Europe’s key institutions anticipating the structure of tomorrow’s management sciences.

But not only that. Our ambition at GEM is to do more than to teach and undertake research. We are working to become one of the most influential business schools. We want to inspire the education world, the commercial world and first and foremost our stakeholders.

Consequently we are undertaking research on the town of the future; the management of energy; economical peace; alternative forms of markets and organizations; the links between wellbeing organizational performance; reconfiguration of business models; the creation and growth of new companies; political and economy and sustainable competition.

We also relentlessly insist that business schools must become schools of business for society.

Participate in our objective to improve our society and chose GEM to receive your tax.

Updated 10/26/2023