Why pay your tax to GEM?

Contribute to shaping responsible leaders at the first school that has become a mission-driven company. GEM constantly innovates in its pedagogy to support its students, your teams, and your transformation challenges.

Pay your tax to GEM


By allocating your apprenticeship tax to us, you

  • Help support the profiles that will join your teams tomorrow.
  • Help us to continue this ongoing work of developing our teaching.
  • Share our values and our 5 principles of action: ethics and integrity of stakeholders, gender equality, access to education for all, economic peace and the fight against global warming.

For a useful and committed apprenticeship tax: support GEM!
Did you know? You can highlight your support for GEM in your CSR report.


A few examples of concrete actions

  • First business school to become a mission-driven company, and recently awarded the Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility label.
  • The only “Grande Ecole”, along with EM Lyon, to take part in the “Convention des entreprises pour le climat”, which brings together 150 decision-makers.
  • 6 research chairs dedicated to major societal challenges (Health, Energy, Digital Reasoning, Regional Planning and Dynamism, Economic peace, Women and Economic Renewal)
  • Creation of an "Innovation for sustainable transition" course for our 3rd year Grande Ecole students, 100% work-study.
  • Involvement of the Impact student association, which will soon have carried out 18 CSR audits in companies and certified 40 Ecofest events. Committed CSR managers in each association.
  • Creation of the École Centrale Paris Sustainability Committee, with 115 members (students, staff, professors) working on zero waste, sustainable mobility, responsible purchasing, carbon footprinting, etc., across an organization of 8,000 teachers, staff and students.
  • A Foundation committed to equal opportunity and the inclusion of all talents.

Thank you to all the companies that supported us in 2023!
More than ever, join us!

Pay your tax to GEM

Updated 4/29/2024