French academic partners

Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) offers its students numerous opportunities to develop dual skills, in response to the needs of companies. In line with the school's positioning in Technology and Innovation Management, strong links have been forged with engineering schools. Today, the fields of expertise covered by these partnerships include a wide variety of disciplines.

Partner engineering schools

IMT Atlantique

Program concerned: Engineering course as part of the M2 Masters in Management (Grande Ecole Program), with the possibility of a double engineer/manager diploma in Digitalization, Innovation and Change.

Grenoble INP

Programs concerned: 

CYTech - formerly EISTI

GEM students can enroll in CYTech's :

At the same time, the School welcomes CYTech students to its Masters in Management (Grande Ecole Program), to complement their training with management skills.

ENSEA - Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Electronique et de ses Applications

Partnership open to ENSEA engineering students - double-diploma offered as part of the Masters in Management (Grande Ecole Program).


Partnership open to EFREI engineering students - double-diploma offered as part of the MS Specialized Masters program (in French) of Grenoble Ecole de Management. 


Other partners

UGA - Grenoble Alpes University

The agreement with UGA enables Masters in Management (Grande Ecole Program) students to follow dual-skills courses in :

  • Law Management
  • Humanities Management
  • Philosophy Management
  • Economics Management
  • History Management

In addition to their main degree, students can obtain a Bachelor's degree (L3), or even a Master's degree (M1 and M2) for certain specializations.

IRIS - Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques

Three fields of expertise, with the possibility of a double degree, are offered to M2 students on the Masters in Management (Grande Ecole Program) who wish to give a Geopolitical and International orientation to their training:

  • Geopolitics and Foresight
  • Geo-economics, risk management and corporate social responsibility
  • Defense, Security and Crisis Management

Strate, School of Design

Students from both schools can complement their initial training with a double-diploma in management or design at the other school, enabling them to learn to work with another culture and deepen their management and design skills.

Program concerned : Masters in Management (Grande Ecole Program)

Ferrières - French School of Hospitality, Luxury and Gastronomy

Thanks to this partnership, students of the Masters in Management (Grande Ecole Program) of Grenoble Ecole de Management can take :

  • A hotel/gastronomy and management certificate at the end of L3
  • A double degree in innovation management, international hospitality, gastronomy and luxury services.  

Institut Internet et Multimedia

This partnership enables M2 students on the Masters in Management (Grande Ecole Program) to develop their skills in video games, new uses, innovative techniques and dematerialized distribution. 

Double-diploma offered : Specialized MBA Video Game Management 

The Opera Factory

To enable students with a passion for music to continue playing an instrument when they enter business school, and to recognize their talent, GEM offers them the opportunity to validate a "Music and Management Certificate", in partnership with La Fabrique Opéra. Students benefit from pedagogical support delivered by expert coaches to help them progress. They are also required to write a dissertation on a theme related to music and management.

Some of them take part in a participatory opera, a concept which involves dozens of young high school, apprentice or student students collaborating on the production of a large-scale opera show. 

Institut de l'Engagement

Since 2015, GEM has been a partner of the Institut de l'Engagement and the Campus de l'Engagement. Within this framework, five student volunteers spotted for their potential, the quality of their commitment and the interest of their future project are selected each year for a tuition-free study repeat. All GEM programs are open to this scheme, with the exception of those designed for top-level athletes. 

Academic partners Diversity post-baccalaureate competitions 

To combat the obstacles to higher education and promote equal opportunities in access to the Grandes Ecoles, GEM offers the Concours post-bac Diversité, a special program for students from disadvantaged social backgrounds or with disabilities. Several high schools are reference establishments for this scheme.


Updated 4/25/2024