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Living in Grenoble

Grenoble invites you to enjoy unique experiences through the discovery of sporting activities, its cultural richness and its technological dynamism. A city of mountains, culture and innovation.

"At the end of every street is a mountain," wrote Stendhal. This quote takes on its full meaning when you discover Grenoble, a city at the foot of the mountains, offering a unique setting where you can go hiking or skiing by day, and enjoy the cultural life in the city center by night. Grenoble's reputation also rests on its dynamic innovation and technological progress. L'Etudiant ranked Grenoble 7th among European student cities. As the second-largest English-speaking city after Paris, it boasts a resolutely international character, thanks in particular to the strong presence of expatriates working for local companies.


A student town in the heart of the Alps

This cosmopolitan city attracts some 70,000 students of over 180 different nationalities every year. The city stands out for the diversity of its courses, all of which are recognized and comprehensive.      

Beyond its educational offerings, Grenoble stands out as a resolutely student-oriented city. Its lively, pedestrianized city center offers a wealth of cultural activities and outings. At the same time, the city also offers green spaces, inviting you to relax and enjoy convivial moments. Grenoble combines academic excellence with quality of life.   

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A city of sports and culture

Grenoble's mountainous environment naturally gives it a sporting orientation. Cycling, mountain biking, running and trail running enthusiasts will all find what they're looking for. However, a love of sport is not a sine qua non for enjoying Grenoble. The city offers a rich cultural scene with a wide variety of programs, and its many bars and restaurants make it an ideal place to go out.


Key events throughout the year 

Etudiants-concert-exterieur1800x928.jpgGrenoble celebrates the diversity of its activities throughout the year with must-see events such as :     

September: Coupe Icare, Day & Night Festival      
November: Rencontres du Cinéma de Montagne      
March: Holocene Festival      
April: Grenoble-Vizille half-marathon      
May: Magic Bus Festival      
June: Street Art Fest      
July: Cabaret Frappé, Musilac      

Some cultural venues in Grenoble: La Belle Electrique, MC2 Maison de la Culture, L'Hexagone, Le Summum, Le Théâtre de Grenoble ...      

Grenoble Alpes welcomes its new students, offering them free places and the chance to share in unusual experiences of the region.   

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A breeding ground for Innovation and Technology 

Grenoble also owes its reputation to its capacity for innovation and its technological advances. For this reason, it was ranked 5th among the world's most innovative cities by Forbes magazine. Grenoble also ranks second in France in terms of the number of start-ups, just behind the capital, Paris. 

Grenoble Ecole de Management plays an active role in this dynamic, providing high-quality training for students and professionals alike.      

The diversity of companies in the Grenoble area contributes to the growth of its ecosystem, giving it a unique richness. Grenoble is renowned for its diversified economy, with an exceptional concentration of companies in several key sectors: high-tech and innovation, energy and the environment, biotechnology, industry, education and research, ....   

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Getting around Grenoble  


Grenoble Alpes also stands out for its commitment to soft mobility, with a diversified transport network including 5 streetcar lines, buses, self-service bicycles and scooters, and park-and-ride facilities. Easy access on foot throughout the city is an undeniable advantage, reinforced by a relatively flat topography, making it easy to get around and welcoming to all.  

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Housing in Grenoble  

Paris offers a variety of options, from student residences to shared apartments. The Studapart student accommodation platform, in partnership with Grenoble Ecole de Management, offers studios, shared flats, rooms in private homes, and student residences.

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Updated 4/12/2024