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we give priority to projects in the fields of digital technology, human resources, CSR, energy management, innovation and R&D.


What is a Company Project?

The company project is the project-based teaching system at the heart of the GEM Learning Model deployed at Grenoble École de Management.  

Etudiants_post-bac-H-et-F_300x300.pngThese assignments, proposed by companies of all sizes and in all sectors on the basis of real- life situations, are entrusted to a team of 3 to 6 students with mixed profiles and varied backgrounds (initial generalist or specialized training and continuing education). Over a period of 3 to 8 months, depending on the course of study, the team explores the proposed problem, interacting with the company and submitting a report with recommendations at the end of the assignment.

This is a key moment for students: working on real-life situations is a vector of meaning and therefore of involvement in your projects and anchoring your learning.

As part of the EP, students are accompanied by a school tutor for the duration of the assignment.


To remember

  • Open to any company or organization based in France, regardless of location. Courses are based in Grenoble and/or Paris.
  •  For some courses, projects from companies based abroad are also eligible.
  • In French or English, depending on the student's course of study
  • Two waves of project submissions: April to July and September to November
  • Market research is not covered by this approach

Jean-Luc Vecchio, CEO of Tessi Switzerland, GEM Masters of Management 1994, explains how his company has benefited from the projects carried out for it by Grenoble Ecole de Management students.


Watch the webinar from which this video is taken Integrative projects, best practices



  • Showcase your company, promote your employer brand and share your vision with tomorrow's managers
  • Benefit from the creativity and outside perspective of students from a dynamic, innovation- driven environment.
  • Target potential and recruit your future employees by testing our students' skills and know- how in real-life conditions.
  • Identify a contact in your company who can support the students in their mission and answer their questions (as an indication, the mobilization of the contact is as follows: 1 moment of presentation + 3 follow-up calls + face-to-face for the restitution).
  • Send us your problem via the contact details on this page.
  • Our team will direct your project towards the training program with the theme most suited to your needs.
  • Within two weeks, you'll be put in touch with the program manager to set out the framework and objectives of the student assignment.


Mission areas

The assignments offered to our students overlap with the thematic areas of Grenoble École de Management's courses, professions and sectors, mainly :

  • Sustainable transition and CSR issues
  • Strategic issues and company organization, particularly in terms of innovation, business development, entrepreneurship, business model, customer experience, service marketing, digital transformation, strategy and management, and international...
  • Careers in data and artificial intelligence, digital, purchasing, marketing, human resources and finance
  • The energy, healthcare, biotech and retail sectors...


Examples of recent assignments carried out by our students:

IT transformation

Challenge: understand how the skills and organization of the IT Department will need to evolve over the next 3 to 5 years, in line with the company's challenges and technological developments.  
Objective: establish recommendations to build the IT Department's 3/5-year strategic plan.  
Customer: a company in the microelectronics sector

Consumption forecast

Challenge: The accuracy of our predictions of our customers' electricity consumption for the following day is crucial to our sales strategy. So we need to constantly challenge existing models to predict as accurately as possible.  
Objective: take a "state of the art" look at existing prediction methods, and evaluate them using real customer data.  
Customer: GEG

Opportunity analysis in B2B and B2C agri-food and environmental bioanalysis

Objective: study of the value of a portable immunological analyzer in the agri-food and environmental sectors.  

Positioning ERGOSUP hydrogen production technology in the "Power to Gas market"

Objective: Market positioning study of ERGOSUP technology on the "Power to Gas" market (advantages of the ERGOSUP process compared with the "classic" hydrogen sector, national/international market benchmark, identification of relevant players to meet.  
Company: ERGOSUP

Unique customer order-taking tool

Challenge: make the company's current tool the only tool for taking customer orders (autonomous or accompanied) with a wider selection of products (Range Extension, MarketPlace).  
Objective: audit of existing system, audit of customer needs, project plan, POC  
Company: Wholesale distribution company

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Updated 4/18/2024