Modalités Jurys GEM

Become a jury member

Contribute to evaluating the potential of future young managers. Participate in juries, bring your vision of the company, discover the aspirations of the new generation and develop your network during breaks and lunch.

Every year, GEM calls on its economic and institutional partners, as well as its graduates, to come and assess the candidates for the entrance exam as part of the Juries of the Grande Ecole Programme. This event anchors our school's presence in its ecosystem. It provides an opportunity for numerous exchanges with students, jury members and teaching staff.


What is the role of the jury member ?

08_Profil_Candidats_01.jpgAs a member of the panel, your role will be to assess the candidates during a personality and motivation interview. Your role is to provide a cross-sectional view of the candidates and to integrate the company's vision into the choice of our students.

In collaboration with the jury chairman, who represents GEM:

  • You bring your vision of the company. 
  • You assess the candidate's ability to: 
    • understand a subject in its theoretical, practical and societal dimensions;
    • answer the question asked;
    • argue their answers; 
    • interact with the jury.

Before the tests begin, you will be sent more detailed instructions to help you better understand your role and what is expected of you. Rest assured, you will be guided throughout the exam by your Chairman of the Jury.

As a GEM representative, the final assessment decision rests with the Chair of the Board, who will have taken into account the feedback and analyses of the Board members.


How is the jury made up?

02_composition-Membres.jpgEach jury is made up of 2-3 people:

  • the chairman, who represents GEM: a teacher or an administrative manager from the School,
  • one or two members from the business world.



Who can be a jury member ?

04_Qui.jpgWe're looking for French Speaking volunteers with a variety of profiles to complement the 360° view we take of our students.


You can be a member if : 

  • You speak French fluently 
  • You are an executive, manager, project or team leader, employee, company director or self-employed,
  • You have at least 3 years' professional experience, or have been retired for less than 2 years,
  • You have a classic or atypical career path,
  • You are an active listener, respectful, impartial and caring,
  • You want to get involved in school life.

Since being a jury member for an exam addresses French speaking people, you will find all practical information on the French webpage.


What does the exam involve?

01_Informations_01.jpgAfter a 1st selection (written competition or on the basis of a portfolio), the candidates selected will have to take part in oral examinations:

  • a motivational interview,
  • one or more language orals.

You will take part in the motivational interview, during which the candidate will present a paper on a subject of their choice and on one of the following themes: Economics, Geopolitics, Technology Management and Innovation.

  • Presentation on the subject: 5 minutes,
  • Reverse interview, in which the candidate interviews a member of the jury: 10 minutes,
  • Free discussion: 15 minutes.

Throughout the test, you will be guided by your jury chairman.



When and how to apply ?

Registration for #Jurys2024 opens in February.
Since being a jury member for an exam addresses French speaking people, you will find all practical information on the French webpage.

If you are a alumni and would like to take part in the juries, update your profile on the alumni website.


The members and chairpersons of the GEM juries are informed that they may appear in photographs (general plan of the event) taken during the event to illustrate the report (published on the GEM website, in the press or on social networks) and accept the principle. In accordance with current regulations, they may exercise their rights to their data by writing to the jury organiser.

Updated 4/18/2024