Sports & Outdoor : Perspectives on Market Trends

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With her expertise in business innovation methods and her passion for the great outdoor and sports, Delphine Gatti, Director of the MSc Management of Sports and Outdoor Markets, shares insights from her recent venture into this field.

Over the next 10 years, organizations will confront more changes than in the past 100 years

It's one of the quotes that struck her during her interviews with professionals. When we examine ongoing megatrends, such as air quality deterioration and climate change leading to snow melt, they undermine our "playgrounds". Urban sprawl, which distances us from open spaces, pushes us to reinvent "Outdoor but in Town" experiences.


Emerging trends to watch

The sports and outdoor activities market holds an extraordinary potential for innovation. “Micro-adventure, the trend of exploring nearby surroundings, is emerging as a true catalyst for change. It urges businesses to rethink the practitioner experience and design more tailored equipment. Technological revolutions are also shaking up this market: electric batteries, for example, have changed the game in the world of cycling, opening the way to new practices and unprecedented adventures. The e-foil, meanwhile, promises an electric surfing experience accessible to all, on any body of water. And what about GPS, which has transformed outdoor activity safety by enabling precise route planning, even for cliff climbers?” These advancements reshape our lifestyles and the way we engage in outdoor activities. They open up new perspectives and encourage everyone to rethink their relationship with nature and adventure.


A societal challenge

The decline in the culture of physical activity, the explosion of screen time, and confinement are all factors accelerating our sedentary lifestyle. Obesity, cardiovascular problems, and a decrease in the physical abilities of young people: we are facing an immense societal challenge. To bring activity back into the mainstream? “A challenge that stakeholders in the sports and outdoor market must address; but also an ‛Olympic’ challenge for managers, akin to running a marathon in an uncertain environment... Yes, but how exciting and motivating it can be at the same time!”

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