Campus GEM Labs Grenoble

GEM Labs Campus - Grenoble

The GEM Labs Campus is the second campus of Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) located in the heart of Grenoble's scientific peninsula. This 5,000 m2 campus is home to a unique Lab dedicated to innovation, and offers GEM students, teachers and partners a wonderful place for experimentation, where immersion and experiential learning take center stage.

142 avenue des Martyrs, 38000 Grenoble

Campus GEM Labs Grenoble

Thanks to a network of immersive platforms and a dedicated team, our students and partners enjoy tailor-made learning experiences, to better understand and grasp their professional issues or future career. GEM Labs enables us to create together, develop new skills and new ways of collaborating and innovating. Grenoble Ecole de Management remains at the forefront of innovation, and is actively committed to supporting the innovation projects of its partners and ecosystem. 

Come and explore, experiment with scenarios, generate innovative ideas and turn them into reality in our Labs! 


Immersive Experiences: The BIZ Lab

Photo d'un étudiant en interaction avec l'écran de la cabine d'essayage du Biz Lab, sur le campus de GEM Labs

The BIZ Lab is a simulation and testing platform.

How can we understand consumer behavior and question the impact of technology? Experience the customer journey as close to reality as possible in a connected shop, apartment, street or supermarket.  



Gamification: Playground

Photo du grand bureau du playground, l'espace de création de jeux sérieux de GEM Labs


Playground is a platform dedicated to serious games and gamification. 

GEM has been creating its own serious games for over 10 years! These serious games allow you to question yourself, role-play, change your behavior and better understand complex concepts. PLAYGROUND puts everyone in a situation where they can make decisions adapted to the context and be innovative.





Collaborative innovation: The TIM Lab

Apprenants en atelier de créativité dans l'espace TIM Lab, à GEM Labs


TIM Labs is a platform dedicated to collaborative innovation and innovation teams.

Design Thinking has pride of place here, but any new innovation method has its place at the TIM Lab. Let yourself be guided along the ideal path for your innovation project, and tackle your problem in an innovative way.










Updated 5/7/2024