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Develop customized training

Are you looking for flexible, scalable training solutions that adapt quickly to changing circumstances? Let's co-construct your training to meet your business challenges.

Support transformations | Immersion and experimentation

Our training offer is based on our belief in the capacity of individuals to develop, and in the power of the collective to enhance corporate performance.   
For each of our training courses, we work with you to design a specific program aligned with your needs. This tailor-made approach also applies to teaching methods, choice of trainers, participant follow-up and impact measurement. 

89% is the level of satisfaction expressed by participants in our customized training programs in 2022.


Co-construct your program with us for greater impact

Whether you want to train 10 or 1000 employees, over two days or several weeks, we design the program with you, as part of a co-construction process. The aim is to best serve your strategy and business challenges.

This approach is carried out in agile mode with your training department and your business teams to integrate :

  • Your transformation challenges
  • Your training plan with your managerial reference framework, your skills needs... Financing is possible and can be based on the blocks of skills derived from our titles and certificates registered in the specific directory,
  • Lecturers and teachers from our network of experts, with a thorough understanding of business issues. Lecturers from your company can be invited to co-lead certain modules, if you wish,
  • An experiential and engaging teaching approach, integrating your strategic challenges and projects,
  • The collective mobilization of your employees, reinforcing your company's potential for transformation.

Choose your modalities: on site, distance or blended learning 

Distance learning has grown considerably since 2020, and has established itself as a learning method in its own right, well-suited to certain types of teaching and complementary to face- to-face learning. We can adapt the modalities to your context, using our own devices and platforms.   

For people with disabilities, we work with your company to define how the career path will be built and how you will be welcomed on our premises. To do this, we rely on our disability unit.

Benefit from our support

A dedicated project team ensures pedagogical excellence and maximizes the impact of your course, for quality training

  • A sales engineer who will remain involved throughout the project
  • A pedagogical manager, to support you in the detailed design of content during the co- construction phase and during any adaptations;
  • An operational team (project leader & project manager) who coordinate the project between the stakeholders, in the company and at GEM.

How to find us

Implementation times can vary from 1 to 6 months, depending on your needs and requirements, and the training methods defined together.

Terms and conditions of sale

Updated 4/23/2024