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Become an entrepreneur

What if your next challenge was entrepreneurship? An idea? A project? Join the incubator and turn your dream into reality. The incubator provides you with the best resources for success.

Setting up your own business is a thrilling adventure, full of twists and turns.

IncubaGEM is dedicated to you, the entrepreneur, so that you can start your project and support your development in a motivating environment that is ideal for supporting innovation and new creations.

To give your project the best chance of success, it's best to be well surrounded and not to remain alone because :

"Alone we go faster, but together we go further".

Each year, two recruitment sessions are organized: the first in May for recruitment in July, and the second in November for recruitment in January.


Our services

  • Support for creators, with personalized follow-up by our mentors,
  • Theoretical and practical advice on all aspects of setting up a business from our experts,
  • Access to a network, in a supportive and dynamic environment, thanks to our network of experienced entrepreneurs and our network of former incubatees.
  • Access to free premises (coworking space and meeting room), WIFI access and printer
  • Quality training in entrepreneurial know-how, thanks to our workshops.


Our history

Created in 2011 by Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) in response to the growing needs of its young entrepreneurs, IncubaGEM is a support structure for students, graduates and employees with business start-up projects.

Our values: innovation, creativity, sharing and commitment.


Numerous success stories

Since its creation, Incubagem has supported over 400 start-ups, with a 40% creation rate and a 60% survival rate.

In 2021, at the 19th edition of the Petit Poucet competition, GEM won the prize for Best Entrepreneurial School of the Year with 14 participants, 3 finalists and 2 winners.

  • Andyamo: "50 mobility solutions for our regions" WINNER
  • Benu Blanc: Victoire de la beauté 2020/2021 - Top innovation
  • Benu Blanc received five awards for innovation and excellence: 3 from cosmetics industry professionals, and 2 from consumers.
  • Champiloop: Winner Societal Angels, Winner Petit Poucet early 2021, Winner Quartiers Fertiles nationally, and Winner Innotrophées 2021
  • Choose your box: on the rise, first subscription platform that lets you change your box every month
  • Countact: winner of the UTBM Pépite prize
  • Dabba: winner of the Trophées Rotary Isère, winner of the Stardust startup Factory, winner of the Trophées ESS de la CCI Grenoble
  • Detective Box: participation in the show "qui veut être mon associé?" on M6, best pitch of the season and 2 investors.
  • Ficha: Réseau Entreprendre Isère winner
  • Gnochi Verdi: Restaurant opened in 6 months.
  • Intrenseque Design: winner of the French Tech in the Alps and Digital League pitch competition (Orange special prize)


  • Homunity: 70 million euros
  • Wizbii: €12.5 million
  • ISKN: 10.5 million euros
  • Lokki: 4 million euros
  • En Voiture Simone: 3 million euros
  • Pulse Origin: 600,000 euros
  • Detective Box 140,000 euros


They talk about us 

"Choosing to be an entrepreneur also means choosing to work alone (or with 2 or 3 people) in the early stages. That's why we were keen to surround ourselves with the right people. We're lucky to have a very well-structured incubator at Grenoble Ecole de Management. Why not take advantage of it? It was 
an obvious choice for Raphaël and me to apply to IncubaGEM's incubation program. IncubaGEM helped us with the legal aspects of creating our articles of association once the MVP concept had been validated.
Benoit and Raphaël, Lokki

"Setting up a company straight out of school, without much professional experience, is no easy task. The experts at incubaGEM gave us access to invaluable information on choosing the right status, writing a business plan, devising a communication strategy and drafting press releases. It's important to surround yourself with people when you're setting up your own business! Also, the community is very active and we regularly exchange views on each other's problems. I recommend it!"
Maxime Boniface, Founder of Champiloop
Sales and delivery of mushrooms - oyster mushrooms and shiitakes

"Doing business on my own can sometimes feel like a form of isolation and loneliness. Thanks to Incubagem, I not only feel accompanied, but also surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are going through a similar adventure."
Johanna, Wia

"The GEM incubator was instrumental in the founding of my firm, providing me with an invaluable network and sound advice from Julien Coupat, which was crucial at the start of my business. It was also indirectly through this network that I met Ève-Marie Dyon, who has since become my partner. I'm deeply grateful for the support and opportunities it gave me during my two years of incubation."
Chun Wing LAM


Incubagem in brief

Among our incubatees

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