What Do Students Think Of Grenoble Ecole de Management?

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France is one of the most popular destinations for international students in Europe. In fact, more than 400,000 students head to the country each year to study, with business being one of the most popular degree subjects. But with 23 French business schools listed in the Financial Times European Business School rankings, how do you know which one to choose? Student reviews can help – and here’s what they think of Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM).

Triple-accredited GEM earned a spot at number 33rd on the Financial Times rankings this year, while two of its Master’s degrees entered into the top 10 in subject rankings. Consequently, GEM is considered one of the best business schools in France. It also offers a full range of courses taught 100% in English including MSc programmes, International Bachelor and MBA.

But what do students think about the business school and their study experience? Let’s hear from them!

What do Students Think of GEM?

To find out what students think about GEM, we had a look at verified student reviews left on EDUopinions. We’ve picked out four of the most commented-on aspects of the GEM experience, from the community feel of the campus to the quality of the teaching.

Along with your own research and looking into university rankings, reading reviews from real graduates can offer a refreshing perspective when deciding which university to attend. Rather than focusing purely on the academic, student reviews often reveal details about a school’s atmosphere, support network, and job opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Now, hear from four students about their experience at GEM.

A Strong Community

MSc_Students.jpgThere are approximately 7,000 students at GEM. Though larger than other French business schools such as INSEAD, comparatively low student numbers compared to other business schools means this is a tight-knit community.

The student population at GEM represents at least 120 nationalities, which means you’ll be able to learn from a diverse range of students during your studies. Additionally, 55% of the GEM faculty are international, meaning you’ll develop an international and multicultural view of business operations.

« Overall, my experience with the Grenoble school was very good. Almost all of my teachers have been willing to go above and beyond to help students learn the information they are teaching. The campus is clean, beautiful and modernized. I believe Grenoble Ecole is a great fit for anyone who values a close community, having a voice in the community as well as an education with easily accessible help. The resources that my school carries are outstanding, any concerns or questions you may have there are many sources you can talk to to help you find your solution. The teachers at this school are kind, attentive and encouraging. » Emma, MSc Finance

Experienced faculty

Grenoble_Ecole_de_Management_campus.jpgOn the subject of the faculty, students rate the teaching staff at GEM as one of the best parts of the student experience. They also represent diverse interests: there are eight separate research groups at GEM, exploring business topics including innovation and strategy, energy management, finance and governance, and consumer behaviour.

Students will also learn with hands-on teaching methods, enabling them to put knowledge into practice. For example, finance students can benefit from the on-campus Bloomberg trading room, while MBA students take part in a live business case during the course.

« Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) is a business school which believes in combining technology and management to create a better world. The courses offered by the college are one of the best in the country and the campus itself is state of the art. While GEM offers a wide and abundant student life, the student associations are predominantly French. However, there is still a huge admission of international students in each course.Academically speaking, the faculty are some of the most experienced and finest teachers. They are not only experts at teaching but have experience in working industries as well which gives us concrete live cases to study about. The modules are designed such that every course adds to the value of a student. » Sahana, MSc Business Development

Job Opportunities

Etudiants Juniors (1).jpgFor many students, career prospects is one of the most vital aspects of choosing a business school. However, students say that GEM puts a lot of effort into helping students get into their ideal industry.

86% of students in the school’s Master of Management and International Business programme find employment within four months of graduating. Multinational companies are all listed among employers, including HSBC, Microsoft, and Deloitte.

In the MBA programme, 90% of graduates find employment within four months of finishing their degree.

« An amazing business school offering a lot of opportunities. I’ve had the opportunity to study in GEM. Great programme, excellent teachers, an amazing student life, and impressive work opportunities (I signed my first long-term work contract one year before finishing my masters). Grenoble was also such a nice city to be in! »  Luka, Grande Ecole Program (PGE)

A great location

DSC_2977.jpgIt’s not just a school’s academic reputation you should account for; there’s also the question of where you’ll be living as a business student.

GEM has two campuses in France: a flagship campus in the city of Grenoble and an additional facility in Paris. In Grenoble, students have the chance to explore southern French mountain culture, as you’re just a short ride away from the Alps. The city is also a cultural hub, with multiple museums and a packed events calendar throughout the year.

« A great business school with amazing student associations and good classes ! This business school is great! The location in the very centre of Grenoble is really practical and the city is cool, especially if you like skiing. The classes are good overall, except some that are a bit of a joke, in particular before the Master’s degree. The important thing is to find out about the teachers of the classes you’re interested in. 
Last, but not least, the life around classes is just wonderful, whether it be parties or student associations, that are numerous and for all points of interest!  One drawback is the lack of facilities, especially sporting ones. »  Guillaume, Grande Ecole Program (PGE)

Do you now have a better idea about what it’s like to study at GEM? 
Feel free to contact our International Recruitment Officers to find out more about our international programs.

Source: eduopinions 

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