Masterclasses: Managing Sustainability Transitions

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In this series, meet professionals working to reimagine business processes and strategies in these ever-changing economic, social, and environmental contexts. Discover what it means to catalyze transitions and transformations inside existing structures, to design alternative pathways, and manage the tensions between current business objectives and the need to revisit today's actions to craft.

Facilitated in English, each online session occurs on a Tuesday, from 17h30 - 18h30 (Paris-Time) and will explore the panelists' professional journey and current projects. Hear more about the skills they use to navigate their initiatives, how these connect to the new MSc Management for Sustainability Transitions program, and what it means to take this professional path.

Session 1-Tuesday March 26th 
Navigating Sustainability Transitions: Skillset Pivots and Career Path Possibilities

Given the current and emergent challenges developping skills to adapt and thrive in changing complex settings can be key ingredients to navigating a career in the sustainability transition space. This can include leveraging technical expertise, with a boundary-spanning mindset and toolkit, as well as business and cross-sector acumen to foster collaboration and action. In this session, we'll discuss what it means to work in the area of sustainability transitions, the challenges, opportunities and key takeaways to consider for those entering the field.


  • Penelope Laigo, Group Sustainability & QHSE Director at FM Logistic
  • Eduardo Hernandez Melgar, Postdoctoral Researcher in Sustainability and Cross Sector Partnerships, Grenoble Ecole de Management


Session 2-Tuesday April 2nd
Contributing to Sustainability Transitions in Organizations: Aspirations, Opportunities and Realities

Efforts both outside and inside existing business need to better align with the societal and environmental transitions already in motion which are not only unsustainable but becoming increasingly disruptive. Transition strategies can shape business models to operate within planetary boundaries, rethinking processes and measurements of success. In this session we'll explore the day-to-day realities of working for existing structures to both inspire and affect just transitions.



Session 3-Tuesday April 16th
Sustainability Transitions Consulting: Transforming Business and Processes

What does it mean to be a consultant in the sustainability space? Often working in cross-functional teams, it could be advising companies on how to improve their value chain performance, or reduce their environmental footprint, or reimagine an energy efficient manufacturing processes while also incorporating a responsible waste management system. Projects could include informing and developing corporate strategic frameworks and system-wide goals, to working with community organizations or SMEs providing technical assistance to put eco-friendly business practices into place. In this session we'll get a closer look at the multifaceted world of sustainability transition consulting.



  • Climate change
  • Sustainability

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