Work-study: Grenoble Ecole de Management strengthens its offering for its Grande Ecole Program

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A pioneer in the development of work-study programs since 1994, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) is reinforcing and enriching its offerings in the first and second years starting in 2024.

In the first year, 3 new tracks are offered

Finance, Marketing, and Strategy & Entrepreneurship, all these tracks from the Master in Management - Grande Ecole Program are available in Grenoble or Paris, in French or English. Each first-year track includes both common M1 courses and an opening towards a profession or pre-specialization. The first-year tracks are associated with contracts of 24 months or more, which will allow the learner to fully integrate into the hosting company. 

Note: each first-year track has no limit on places, which implies that each student who chooses this track will be assured of obtaining a place. This commitment illustrates GEM's mission as a Mission-Oriented Company to effectively contribute to social promotion.


The M2 offering has been revamped

In line with the expectations of companies, students, and the program's editorial line, the School now offers 16 different courses, selective or open to all: 

  • MSc Finance & Investment Banking 
  • MSc Sustainable Financial Management 
  • Specialization Accounting, Auditing and Performance Management 
  • Specialization Accounting expertise
  • Specialization Marketing 
  • Specialization Digital and Information System Manager 
  • Specialization Innovation Management 
  • Specialization International Human Resource Management 
  • Advanced Master in Technology Management and Responsible Innovation 
  • Advanced Master in Big Data Management and Responsible Valorization (with Grenoble INP) 
  • Advanced Master in Energy Transition Marketing and Management (with Grenoble INP) 
  • Advanced Master in Digital Strategy Management
  • Advanced Master in Purchasing Performance and Strategy Management
  • Double Degree Geopolitics IRIS: Defense, Security and Crisis Management 
  • Double Degree Geopolitics IRIS: Geoeconomics, Risk Management and Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Double Degree Geopolitics IRIS: Geopolitics and Foresight
Annelaure Oudinot, Directrice PGE de GEMIn total, more than 1000 work-study students are expected to start in 2024. Work-study programs, supported by our own CFA, is a demanding program to which we are particularly committed at GEM and which offers 3 major advantages: a long and highly professionalizing experience in the company, a booster for professional integration, and of course, financing of schooling. 
Annelaure Oudinot, Director of the Master in Management - Grande Ecole Program


  • Master in Management - Grande Ecole Program
  • Work-study

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