MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Full-time
  • 2 years
  • Grenoble
  • EN

The program reflects the realities of the global environment and provides general management courses together with highly specialized modules in the areas of Innovation, strategy and Entrepreneurship.

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Become Tomorrow's Game Changer!

The aim of the MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship's degree is to provide a framework and a toolkit for future managers and entrepreneurs to identify, assess and manage business opportunities in either their own companies or in existing organizations. Furthermore, it helps and steers them in the start up creation process. 



Program Highlights

Learn the skills needed to launch an entrepreneurial endeavor

  • Develop your project with the help of GEM   
    The school includes a service for accompanying the creation of companies - IncubaGEM that has been a starting point for several start-ups.   

    You have a dream? You want to try your hand as an entrepreneur and start your business : benefit from the support of the incubator at GEM.   

    - 2 sessions per year to submit your business plan   
    - Choose your mentor   

    International students from MSc International Marketing & Business Development and MSc Innovation and Entreprenurship have joined this community of start uppers. Different projects are launched around the world, sustainability is a key concern at the moment.   
  • Discover and try out the whole process of a start-up creation   
    Get knowledge of the different steps in start-up creation and get to practice with real-life examples.   
  • Develop an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial spirit   
    Furthermore, than hard skills, develop the soft skills that will take you a step further with your project.

Gain the knowledge to lead innovative & strategic projects

  • Learn international project management   
    Acquire the skills to manage projects across national and cultural boundaries.   
  • Learn how to evaluate success   
    Assess the economic, market potential of innovations, ensuring corporate success, and gain the ability to evaluate the strategic role of mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances.   
  • Know how to adapt to different situations   
    Develop skills to meet the social, ethical, legal and financial constraints in new ventures.   

Skills Acquired

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Design and manage diverse teams within a global environment.
  • Demonstrate a high-level of critical analysis of organizational, economic and geopolitical challenges with an ability express your ideas in a clear and coherent manner.
  • Fully assess the ethical, environmental impact of decisions and actions of your organization.
  • Understand the key challenges and functions of different departments and services within your organization and interact with them in an efficient and constructive manner.
  • Generate innovative and adaptable ideas and solutions to overcome the changing environment of your organization.
  • Work efficiency in a technology focused environment thus demonstrating robust digital proficiency.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth comprehension of the key present and future challenges within the context of your chosen specialization.   

    More details on France Compétences website, sheet n° 37252.   


lisa-jane.jpgInnovation and Entrepreneurship are everywhere in our daily lives: smart cities, the digital economy, big data and design thinking, to name only a few. If you want to broaden your theoretical knowledge while gaining practical experience in the working world, network with today’s leading industry experts and tomorrow’s gamechangers, create your own business or help companies face tomorrow’s challenges head-on, this program was designed for you! Be part of this unique experience in Grenoble, heart of the French Alps and France’s capital of innovation and entrepreneurship!”    
Lisa-Jane Perraud, Program Director


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Updated 12/6/2023