Double degrees: two new courses with Strate Ecole de Design

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As part of its Masters in Management (Grande Ecole Program), GEM has created two new programs with Strate Ecole de Design, in the fields of territorial impact and societal commitment. This collaboration reinforces the Grenoble-based school's commitment to the hybridization of skills, by offering new opportunities to its students.

Since its creation in 2007, the collaboration between Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) and Strate Ecole de Design has enabled many students to obtain double degrees, which are highly appreciated by recruiters. This co-construction of new offerings is a major thrust of GEM's strategy, which aims to differentiate students in their career paths.

From September 2024, students in GEM's Masters in Management (Grande Ecole Program) will have access to a new program in partnership with Strate Ecole de Design.

The “Transition(s)” program focuses on working with living systems to preserve the viability of our world. Its aim is to train conscious, responsible and interdisciplinary designers, combining theoretical and methodological frameworks from the human, social and life sciences.

The “Design Territoires et Maîtrise d'Usages” (TMU) program will open in September 2025. It aims to train designers capable of playing a key role in urban planning by anticipating future changes and proactively guiding future transformations. The program addresses the complexity of living spaces such as natural regions, rural areas, urban infrastructures and shared spaces.

The two programs offer students a high-level education, aiming for a Bac+5, level 7 designer diploma that will complement GEM's BAC+5 managerial diploma. These new opportunities will enable GEM students to stand out in the job market and actively contribute to the transformation of our society.


Annelaure Oudinot, Directrice PGE de GEMA pioneer in the launch of double degrees, GEM has developed a complete range of double degrees from L3 to Specialized Masters, to meet companies' needs as closely as possible. In an environment where increasingly complex issues require hybrid skills, GEM has developed expertise in setting up double degrees with recognized schools, such as Strate Ecole de Design.

Annelaure Oudinot, Director of GEM's PGE.


About Strate Ecole de Design

Strate Ecole de Design, renowned in France and internationally in both the academic and business ecosystems, trains design professionals who will have a positive impact on the future.
Its ambitions are to contribute to the training of professionals who are passionate about people, attentive to the needs, desires and dreams of their contemporaries and their descendants. At Strate, nearly two hundred professionals are mobilized to pass on the values, knowledge, methods and practices of design every day. As a partner of numerous schools and companies, the school is constantly developing collaborative projects. Conceived as a place for sharing, the school is also a place for learning to live together.

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