MSc Marketing Management

  • Full-time
  • 2 years
  • Grenoble or Paris
  • EN

Marketing is changing and we will equip you, as New Marketing Professionals, to meet the highest standards of successful organizations.

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Prepare for a Successful Career in Marketing

 You will be capable of understanding the demands of business and translating these needs into up-to-date marketing programs that build long-term customer relationships and generate long-term growth.



Skills Acquired

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:  

•  Design and manage diverse teams within a global environment.  
•  Demonstrate a high-level of critical analysis of organizational, economic and geopolitical challenges with an ability express your ideas in a clear and coherent manner.  
•  Fully assess the ethical, environmental impact of decisions and actions of your organization.  
•  Understand the key challenges and functions of different departments and services within your organization and interact with them in an efficient and constructive manner.  
•  Generate innovative and adaptable ideas and solutions to overcome the changing environment of your organization.  
•  Work efficiency in a technology focused environment thus demonstrating robust digital proficiency.  
•  Demonstrate an in-depth comprehension of the key present and future challenges within the context of your chosen specialization.  

More details on France Compétences website, sheet n° 37252.


Program hightlights 

Launch an international career in marketing

•  Prepare to work in an international environment: Gain the skills and knowledge needed to support marketing activity in an international environment.  
•  Learn from experts: Participate in classes taught by international marketing professionals and highly qualified academic experts.  
•  Network internationally: Network with top companies to explore new career opportunities and immerse yourself in a classroom with students from all around the world.

Acquire the ability to make sound operational marketing decisions at a managerial level

•  Learn the core competencies to develop a successful career: The classes will cover four major areas: digital marketing, strategic management, marketing management and core business skills. Specific areas such as research, consumer behaviour, and customer relationship management are also covered.  
•  Combine academic theory with a practical approach: Learn through case studies and real-life examples to provide a hands-on approach.  
•  Learn how to make sound strategic marketing decisions: Develop your critical thinking and analytical skills as well as your soft skills such as presentation techniques and intercultural communication - indispensable assets for effective management in multicultural environments.  

Laurie Balbo.jpgA great deal of Marketing activities has changed since the dawn of the Internet and the rise of digitalization of business. Today, having a strong in-store or mass media presence is no more a requisite to be a successful brand. Our MSc program is built to teach you the competencies needed to launch a successful global career in this rapidly changing and demanding environment. With our team of Professors (both international academics and professional experts) and with the participation of leading companies and alumni (experts in their business), we will help you to develop your skills across a wide scope of Marketing and Business related topics.”   
Laurie Balbo, Program Director


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