With seminars in Los Angeles, Paris, and Grenoble, our DBA USA candidates are primarily from from North and South America. The cohort is comprised of senior managers, consultants, and academics, all seeking to excel in applied research. This program offers participants the support necessary to publish scholarship that impacts business and society.

A Word from the Academic Director

DE JONG Marielle.pngOur DBA USA program offers a unique experience bringing together intellectual appeal, cutting-edge research, and professional accomplishment. Powered by one of the top Business Schools in Europe, this program boasts a 30-year record and a vast alumni network of +550 graduates. Our USA students value this along with the international exposure and the AACSB recognition of the program. Leading industry experts and international researchers are on board, giving our students the privileged opportunity to both contribute to managerial practice and participate in ongoing academic debate. Furthermore, during the DBA program, you will develop new relationships with peers who are also seeking the ultimate life achievement of the doctorate. In my role am I am thrilled to see students progress and eventually succeed. I look forward to welcoming you to our DBA program! - Prof. Marielle de Jong, Academic Director - DBA USA

Program Schedule for 2024 Intake

Required coursework includes (3) On-Campus Research Seminars (Grenoble - Los Angeles - Paris), (1) Online Research Seminars, (8) Online Workshops, (8) Specialization courses, and is marked by qualifying deliverables and milestones over three years.


Phase 1

Seminar 1: Welcome & Introduction

November 4 - 8, 2024 - GRENOBLE, FRANCE

Workshop 1: Implementing the Research Proposal

January 13, 2025 - ONLINE - 5pm-7pm (Paris-time) 

Research Proposal Submission

March 10, 2025 - ONLINE SUBMISSION

Seminar 2: Research Design & Literature Review

March 13 - 16, 2025 - LOS ANGELES, USA

Literature Review Submission

September 12, 2025 - ONLINE SUBMISSION

Seminar 3: Research Methods (Qualitative or Quantitative)

October 6 - 10, 2025 - PARIS, FRANCE

Workshop 2: Prepare Dissertation Proposal

December 1, 2025 - ONLINE - 5pm-7pm (Paris-time) 

Dissertation Proposal Submission

February 27, 2026 - ONLINE SUBMISSION

Workshop 3: Preparing Dissertation Proposal Defense

March 16, 2026 - ONLINE - 5pm-7pm (Paris-time) 

Dissertation Proposal Defense

March 26, 2026 - ONLINE

Phase 2

Phase 2 includes (8) online Specialization courses. Dates to be announced.

Seminar 4: Advanced Research Methods (Qualitative or Quantitative)

March 30 - April 4, 2026 - ONLINE

Workshop 4: The Road to Final Defense

May 18, 2026 - ONLINE - 5pm-7pm (Paris-time) 

Workshop 5: Academic writing skills

June 22, 2026 - ONLINE - 5pm-7pm (Paris-time) 

Workshop 6: Theoretical Contribution & Impact

October 5, 2026 - ONLINE - 5pm-7pm (Paris-time) 

Workshop 7: Managerial Contribution & Impact

February 8, 2027 - ONLINE - 5pm-7pm (Paris-time) 

Workshop 8: Communicating your Research

June 21, 2027 - ONLINE - 5pm-7pm (Paris-time) 

Thesis submission (green-light from supervisor)

October 31, 2027

Program content subject to change.

DBA Seminar 2 is hosted at our partner campus - Woodbury University.

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Updated 6/24/2024