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Happy New Year 2022!

AKACORLEONE à réalisé une œuvre emblématique pour GEM, intitulée « 5 éléments ».
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13 Décembre 2021

To conclude 2021 and peacefully start 2022, Grenoble Ecole de Management chose to wish you its best wishes by sharing the masterpiece of the Portuguese street artist, Akacorleone. This piece of art, as the symbol of the new Société A Mission status of the school, illuminates its lobby and allows everyone, everyday, to remember our 5 engagements.

Loïck Roche, DG de GEM - Crédit photo Bruno Fournier

By adopting the Société A Mission status, GEM aims to materialize the ambition of the 2025 strategic plan in the areas of societal and ecological transition, in order to embody its positioning as a Business Lab For Society. This will enable to sustain all the undertaken actions at GEM since years, on the CSR commitment through a formal and engaging framework, while training its students to actively taking part of the societal and ecological transition. Finally, it is a way for us to inspire other higher education institutions for the Société A Mission status, part of the PACTE Act's." concludes Loïck Roche, Director General of GEM.

To celebrate its Société A Mission status and share its 5 engagements with everyone, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) has invited the Portuguese street artist AKACORLEONE to create an emblematic masterpiece for its Grenoble campus, so called "5 elements".

Visible from the street, the piece of art is located on the windows of the building basement, at 12 rue Pierre Sémard in Grenoble.

Can you find the 5 causes in which GEM is engaging in the masterpiece?

  1. Economic peace
  2. Ecological transition
  3. Equality between persons
  4. Education for all
  5. Ethics and integrity

Of these 5 causes for which GEM and its entire ecosystem are mobilized, the artist added 3 essential values to build a sustainable future:

  1. The wisdom of teachers, students and collaborators
  2. The curiosity of an unlocked mind
  3. The spirit of collaboration

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