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Société à Mission: AKACORLEONE Creates A Masterpiece For GEM

AKACORLEONE créé une œuvre pour GEM
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19 Octobre 2021

To celebrate its Société A Mission status and share its 5 engagements with everyone, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) has invited the Portuguese street artist AKACORLEONE to create an emblematic masterpiece for its Grenoble campus, so called “5 elements”. Visible from the street, the masterpiece is located on the windows of the building basement, at 12 rue Pierre Sémard in Grenoble.

This masterpiece is part of of the artist's series of stained glass windows and highlights the 5 pillars of the school's commitment in its colorful, graphic and metaphorical language:

  • Economic peace
  • Ecological transition
  • Equality between persons
  • Education for all
  • Ethics and integrity

Of these 5 causes for which GEM and its entire ecosystem are mobilized, the artist added 3 essential values to build a sustainable future:

  • The wisdom of teachers, students and collaborators
  • The curiosity of an unlocked mind
  • The spirit of collaboration

5 Elements is the visual translation of GEM's fundamental values

AKACORLEONE créé une œuvre pour GEM

"5 Elements is the visual translation of GEM's fundamental values. Thanks to the staining glass technique, allowing since ages to communicate with people, this work offers a visual and conceptual experience that invites the students to interact with and to contribute to the GEM's essence" explains Pedro Campiche alias AKACORLEONE.

About the artist AKACORLEONE

AKACORLEONE créé une œuvre pour GEMBehind the pseudonym AKACORLEONE, there is Pedro Campiche. Born in Lisboa in 1985, the artist has been building up his visual identity in between analogy and digital, and describing himself through a strong colors and forms saturation in order to create unique sensations.
In the early 2000's, AKACORLEONE was beginning his career with street art. Later on, he was mixing it with other types of artistic currents: in 2008, he was taking his first steps in illustrating and muralism, and in 2010, he was presenting his masterpieces in galleries. Ten years later, we are able to recognize his touch in his various projects: paintings, installations, sculptures, etc.
He is obsessed with experimentation of new materials and techniques (bas-reliefs, tiles or laser cutting, acrylic, wood, cement, stone, etc.) serving his commitment to a more equal and positive society. Through his work, he invites everyone to better know themselves in order to be able to build, all together, a more sustainable world.
Recognized for its multi-disciplinarity and permanent research,  AKACORLEONE is exhibited all over the world, in the urban space like in galleries.

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