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GEM 2025: 4 major strategic projects

4 projets stratégiques pour 2025
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30 Mars 2021

After a year of rolling out its 2020-25 strategic plan, today GEM announced an investment of 32 million € in four ambitious projects linked to technological, ecological and social transitions. The objectives are to provide tangible answers to the future needs of students, businesses and society while taking a decisive step in its development as A Business Lab for Society.

GEM 2025

Co-constructed with all of its stakeholders, first and foremost GEM staff, students, alumni, companies, and its shareholder, the CCI of Grenoble, the GEM 2025 strategic plan, is based on 4 major complementary projects and takes into account:

  • Our legitimacy and trajectory since the creation of the School;
  • Our historical MTI positioning and our ecosystem;
  • Our understanding and vision of what a great Business School should be;
  • The key lessons from the pandemic that we have now been experiencing for a just over a year;
  • The major ruptures, often positive, sometimes negative;
  • The affirmation that has always been a guiding principle of the GEM's strategy, for its staff and for its stakeholders, that is, the desire to give meaning and sense to what we do.

GEM's 5-year ambition

By capitalizing on its founding expertise in Management, Technology and Innovation, in conjunction with the academic, scientific and economic world, GEM aims to:

  • To be recognized as one of the most innovative and influential Schools in the World, of its time, on questions of technological, ecological and social transitions; and also, because GEM is a Business School, also on questions of pedagogical transitions and new teaching models;
  • To have initiated, based on the model of the large international technological platforms of Grenoble, a new international standard of Business School, that of A Business Lab for Society.

Four strategic projects for 2025

Société à mission

GEM becomes the first French Business School to make a statutory commitment for the future by becoming a 'Société A Mission' (Company with a Mission) acted under the French PACTE Law.
What are the benefits for the students?

  • To be part of a School that actively demonstrates its societal engagement and the values that it shares;
  • To have the guarantee that the School practices what it preaches;
  • To actively participate in this collective adventure as a stakeholder of GEM;
  • To give sense and meaning to our daily work and activities…

TIM Live Academy (Technology, Innovation, Management – Learning Impact, Values, and Engagement)

TIM Live Academy (Technology, Innovation, Management – Learning Impact, Values, and Engagement)

Building on its historical MTI positioning, GEM is launching the « TIM-LIVE Academy ». One ambition: to promote new creative talents for a sustainable technological future.
Our trademark: in situation experimentation and immersive experiences
What are the benefits for the students?

  • To engage, invent and experiment to meet real challenges useful to society and businesses;
  • To thrive in an immersive environment at the heart of new technologies;
  • To grow and evolve within a community supported by a reliable network of international experts in MTI;
  • To experience a program fully customized to their desires, needs and professional goals…

tim lab

GEM Digital Twin

GEM creates a new academic virtual world inspired by the most innovative video games and based on the latest technological advances to learn, evolve, act, interact, feel and create "as in the real world".
What are the benefits for the students?

  • Have an augmented relationship thanks to the latest advances in technologies  (AI and Edtech namely);
  • Being free from physical constraints (work in a company abroad while following a program at GEM without being impacted by the distance) ;
  • Reap the benefits of a digital campus rich in lessons, experiences and meetings, and campus life too…

Engaged Internationalization 2025

Engaged Internationalization 2025

GEM announces an ambitious international strategy to optimize training for managers that are ready to evolve internationally with the technological, ecological and social transitions, and to offer immersive international experiences with a focus on respecting the environment.
What are the benefits for the students?

  • To ensure continuity with their GEM experience, develop their employability, and acquire international and intercultural skills;
  • To reap the benefits of a high quality international track;
  • To multiply experiences abroad, combining immersions in companies and prestigious courses;
  • To study in internationally renowned campuses, McGill U, Cambridge, George Washington University.

These four ambitious projects will guide the Grenobloise School in terms of investment.
The overall budget for these four ambitious projects will amount to 32 million € over 5 years. This investment will be possible thanks to the entry of investors in the School's capital, enabled by its EESC status.

GEM 2025 Key Figures

  • Investment capacity per year excluding real estate: 5M €
  • Learners: 10 000
  • Alumni: 60 000
  • 200 professors and professor-researchers
  • 3 campuses in France (Grenoble and Paris)
  • 1 virtual campus (World)
  • 5 research chairs
  • Budget: 88M € (+35%)
  • 1 international alliance made up of 10 academic partners from innovation ecosystems
  • 30 major partner companies
  • 100% of students follow an international track, acquire skills in in geopolitics and responsible business
  • 100% of students will be trained for the technological, ecological and social transitions
  • 30% of scholarship holders
  • Triple accredited
  • Top 25 in Europe

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