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Grenoble Ecole de Management TOP 25 in Europe

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09 Décembre 2019

GEM is ranked 6th best French Business School and 25th best European Business School in the final Financial Times’ Ranking of the year. Announced December 9, this European Business School Ranking compiles all 2019 results.

European Business School Ranking

GEM is one of the few schools present in all 5 Financial Times’ rankings (please find the list below). Among the 95 European schools ranked, only 14 Schools in Europe and 5 Business School in France are present in the 5 rankings.

The 2019 Rankings confirm GEM’s lead: TOP 6 in France, TOP 25 in Europe, and TOP 50 in the world.

Global MBA Ranking

The Full-time MBA program at GEM is ranks 98th in the world, 29th in Europe, and 5th in France. Its best performances include a 12% on salary increase and +30 ranks on career progress before and after the program.

EMBA Ranking

GEM’s Part-time MBA ranks 32nd in Europe and 9th in France. The Part-Time MBA program also shows improvements on salaries, career progress, and Alumni satisfaction.

Master in Management Ranking

GEM is ranked 47th in the world with the MIB. Like the MBA programs, the MIB shows an improvement in the Alumni career category: 9% salary increase and +22 ranks on career progress. GEM is ranked 21st in the world in the Careers Category - the best French performance in this indicator.

Executive Education Rankings

GEM ranks among TOP 50 worldwide on combined open and customized Executive Education. Thanks to both rankings, GEM is ranked 47th in the world, 24th in Europe, and 7th in France. These rankings are due to participant and client satisfaction.

  • OPEN programs rank 57th in the world, 28th in Europe, and 6th in France – gaining between 3 and 20 ranks on 8 indicators in participant satisfaction.
  • CUSTOM programs rank 59th in the world, 32nd in Europe, and 8th in France – gaining ranks on all 10 indicators rated by clients.

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