JURYS: Expand your network

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Taking part in juries is much more than an academic assessment. It's a unique opportunity to develop your professional network. Breaks and lunch are great times to talk to other members of the jury and teaching staff.


Sylvie, 2023 jury member, testimonial: "I found it really interesting to talk to the teachers and the other company contributors. This experience, which is a bit out of the ordinary, disconnects me from the day-to-day life of a large, globalised company, and gives me an insight into a very contrasting environment. It gets me out of my own bubble, which is very rewarding.


What is the role of the jury member?

As a member of the panel, your role will be to assess the candidates through a personality and motivation interview. Your role is to provide a cross-sectional view of the candidates and to incorporate the company's vision into the selection of our students.

In collaboration with the jury chairman, who represents GEM :

You bring your vision of the company. 
You assess the candidate's ability to : 
- understand a subject in its theoretical, practical and societal dimensions
- answer the question posed
- argue their answers;
- interact with the jury.

Would you like to apply?

Ready to broaden your horizons?  Register now as a GEM jury member!

Fluent French is needed to be a jury member since all interactions are in French. Find extensive practical information and subscription on the French jury webpage.



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