MSc in Management of Sport and Outdoor Markets

  • Full-time
  • 2 years
  • Grenoble
  • EN

With the backdrop of evolving challenges like climate change, urban sprawl, and shifting leisure trends, the Sport and Outdoor arenas are in flux. This MSc is tailored to hone your understanding of this sector's nuances, empowering you to become an "architect", a "guide" of these transformations.

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Turn your passion into expertise and become a successful manager in the sports and outdoor world !

Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM), situated in the Alpine heartland, recognized for its pristine environment and commitment to sustainability - Green capital city- offers a specialized MSc program designed for the evolving Sport and Outdoor markets.

Join us and enroll to leverage an ecosystem uniquely tailored to foster economic growth, societal development, and innovation within these sectors and become the "guides", the "architects" of these transformations !

Program highlights

Our holistic curriculum intertwines theoretical learning with hands-on experiences:

  • Immersives workshops and seminars with industry leaders.
  • Access to a network of esteemed faculty, professionals and organizations.
  • Field trips to leading events and trade fairs.
  • Real-world project collaboration.


  • Accelerate your career by gaining the business and managerial skills required for the Sport and Outdoor Markets,
  • Integrate the sportsmanship and outdoor spirit to understand Market trends, 
  • Prepare for working in international contexts, dealing with local challenges,
  • Enjoy study trips with exclusive behind the scene visits to "incumbents" and start up from Sport & Outdoor markets.

Updated 11/29/2023