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Sharon Crost

Etats-Unis France

Professeur Affilié au département Homme, Organisations et Société
Master of Business Administration, University of Colorado

Domaines d'expertise

  • Communication interculturelle
  • Communication Interpersonnelle
  • Communication Marketing
  • Conseil en organisation et management
  • Gestion d'entreprise

Sharon Crost is an Affiliate Professor and Online and Social Media Strategist, helping businesses develop integrated go-to market results, and sharing knowledge with executives and masters students.  Sharon’s particular area of interest is using social networks, social analytics and applied technology for social good.

Sharon has over 15 years experience leading digital marketing strategy in innovative high-tech, start-up and non-profit organizations.  Her experience spans from cryptocurrency, blockchain and the internet of things (IoT) to film, tourism, agriculture and social change.  Her results were awarded with the Information Technology Services Marketing Association’s Gold Award for excellence in social media marketing and she was selected as a US Top 25 B2B Digital Marketer in 2012 and 2013.