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Mickaël Buffart

Diplômé PHD - 2019

Titre de thèse

The properties of Emerging Organizations: Effects on Long-term firm survival

PhD student with a Master degree in Management from Institut d’Administration des
Entreprises de Grenoble. His research interests are on founders’ actions during new venture creation processes and their effects on sustainability and growth.

Most new ventures fail to maintain their business activity beyond the first few years after emergence. Several well-known entrepreneurial influencers suggest that these failures are to a large extent caused by the inadaptation of entrepreneurial projects to the reality of their environment. In this dissertation, we study the initial efforts of entrepreneurs to interact with potential customers and develop their entrepreneurial project. These initial efforts will partly stimulate the development and the survival of the entrepreneurial project. At the same time, an information overload from these interactions can slow down its development and alter the growth ambitions of entrepreneurs. Keywords: entrepreneurs, interactions, environment, new ventures, information, resources