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Midi Minatec : challenges for COP 21 and beyond

[04] [déc 2015] [ 12:30]

Grenoble Ecole de Management

12 rue Pierre Sémard

Conférence en anglais dans l’Auditorium de 12h30 à 13h00, suivie de 15 minutes d'échanges. Un panier repas sera ensuite offert aux participants. 

The UN Climate Summit in Paris (COP21) is expected to lead to a break-through in climate negotiations, with developing and developed countries agreeing on a binding global agreement to keep mean global temperature increase below 2° C. Most studies suggest that the benefits of climate policy exceed the costs, but past climate summits failed to forge an international agreement which effectively limits greenhouse gas emissions.

Will the Paris Climate Summit be different, and why? This presentation will first provide a brief overview of the development of greenhouse gas emissions, and of costs and benefits of climate policy. Referring to the history of climate summits, their failure will be explained as a “tragedy of the commons” and by disagreement over the distribution of mitigation costs across countries, highlighting different perceptions of distributive justice across climate policy delegates and ordinary citizens from different countries. In particular, the presentation will point to the implications of these challenges for the Paris Climate Summit and discuss and assess its likely outcomes

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