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15 fév 2013

Video : Industrie pharmaceutique, une logique dominante en changement

Valérie Sabatier, enseignant-chercheur au département Management, Technologies et Stratégie de Grenoble Ecole de Management, présente l'article de recherche « When technological discontinuities and disruptive business models challenge dominant industry logics » dans un format vidéo original et instructif.


« Business model innovation is a hot topic. Indeed, from a strategical point of view, an organization may have a very innovative technology, what we call a technological discontinuity in the paper, but may not capture the value it really creates. The intuition we had at the beginning of our research was that the drugs industry is a mature industry but has been facing these last thirty years several waves of technological discontinuities like biotechnology, bioinformatics and today nanobiotechnologies.

However, the dominant logic of the industry has not really changed. We can see that companies try to do business model innovation but there seems to be other factors leading to the real transformation of the rules of the game. And the theory on industry life cycles cannot explain what is happening in the drugs industry. “